Strong Opening- pomegranate

  1. Driving down the street, you look to the left, and you see a Mattress Firm. You drive a few hundred feet down the road, look to the right and see another Mattress Firm. You do a double take because you swear you just saw one of the same stores no more than 300 feet back down the road. You drive further, and no surprise, you see yet another Mattress Firm in a strip mall. At that point, you’re thinking to yourself, there is no need for there to be three Mattress Firms within a mile of each other. Realistically, how often does one buy a mattress? There can not be that high of a demand on mattresses. There is one answer to the question of why there are so many mattress stores, but no one inside. The answer to this is, money laundering.
  2. A person can not be identified as a citizen, and cam be deemed illegal. Similarly, when your money cannot be identified through real businesses or banks, it is deemed illegal. Money laundering is actually a crime that more than hundreds of thousands of people commit every year in the United States alone. Launderers have different techniques of making sure they don’t get detected and arrested for money laundering. A suspicion of money laundering could be mattress stores. There are so many of them, but no one ever inside. The owners need somewhere to hide their money that they are laundering. As we all know, most people would say the best place to hide money is, well, in a mattress. Now all of the pieces fall into place and we have a case on our hands, mattress stores are money laundering scams.
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