Open Strong- HazelnutLatte

  1. Mental illness can be small and undetectable, or major and distressful, but either way it not only takes over a person’s brain, but their entire life. This is exactly what happened to Andrea Yates when she was convicted of murdering her five children. Nobody can understand why a person would do something so heinous for absolutely no reason until you get inside the mind of the murderer. The acts she has committed, although inexcusable, were the results of multiple psychological diagnoses that remained incurable.

2. Imagine drowning in your own thoughts, and feeling like you can’t escape from the voices inside your head to the point where you feel compelled to murder your five children. One day, Andrea Yates felt that the only escape was to drown each of her five children the bathroom of their home. She was so consumed with her psychological diseases that, in her mind, there was no other way to save her children from it than to drown them. The mental illness she endured had completely controlled her mind, body, life, and the lives of her own children.

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