Safer Saws- Wazoo

” I would say that the first time you accidentally trip the blade” This is saying that you wont try to do it the first time. This is an evaluatory claim because it is assuming that you would trip the blade.

“a man who was cut by a miter saw says Robert Bosch Tool Corp. “colluded with its competitors”  This is a customer who was cut by the rip off safe saw. This is a proposal claim because it occurs after a problem.

“flesh detection and braking technology” and “user friendly blade guard(s)” have been available for years. ” They are making a claim that they are in the right for what they did for stealing the product safer saws. This is a casusal claim because they are making a casual argument.

“his injury would also have been prevented by properly following existing safety procedures ” They are stating the man did not follow safety procedures. This is a proposal claim because it assumes that his injury wouldnt occur.

Gov Officals

They side with safer saws making factual claims about how they stole their ideas. This happens all the time with new products but the gov officials were not convinced about this product because of lack of knowledge and because this occurs a lot with different variations of products being used.

News reporters
“The Bosch Tool SawStop lawsuit is almost a paradox” This is reporters stating how the lawsuit is a paradox. This is an evaluatory claim because they used almost and it is not a fact.

Personal injury lawyers: As they were making thier case they stated,
“Of course they did” This is a casual claim. They are saying they did something but have no hard evidence of it.

Consumer safety advocates They fight for the safest product for consumers and state,
, kickbacks are certainly more dangerous, and cause far more injuries each year this says that the drill kicking back is a lot worse than chopping off your finger because that can lead to serious injuries or even death. This is a factual claim because this is a fgact.

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