Safer Saws- NYAJ32

Manufacturers- “No one manufacturer can get by on the cheap and NOT install the technology.” This is a comparative claim because it compares the price to install the machinery to people trying to be good safe and cheap. It is not crazy expensive, plus it is worth it if it can hold up to its expectations.

Customers- “ Low percentage of tabke saw injuries are from the blade. They are mostly from kickback.” This is an argumentative claim. They customers are arguing that the product is not in high demand because it will not prevent the majority of table saw injuries.

Industry Spokemen- “I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to put this on the saws that they were offering to people.” This is an opinionative claim. This is because not everyone would feel the same way the speaker does. He is not stating facts. He is blaintly stating how he specifically feels.

Customer Safety Advocates- “Approximately 67,000 people suffered blade injuries in 2007 and 2008.” This is a factual claim. This claim uses data that can not be argued against. They are trying to prove that this safer saw will prevent around 67,000 injuring in two years if everyone were to switch over from a regular saw.

Injured Plantiffs- “Manufacturures are facing lawsuits because they could have had technology like SawStop or similar mechanisms.” This is an evaluative claim. Because there is the option to get SawStop, some businesses will get lawsuits for tabke saw related injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers- “The Schmidt Firm is currently accepting tabke saw induced injuries in all 50 states.” This is a persuasive claim. The firm that wrote the article gave all the information needed and then summed it up by offering their assistance in all 50 states in America. They are trying to get more clients.

Government Officials- “This agency is firmly exploring how to prevent these kinds of injuries from continuing to occur.” This is a factual claim. Yet, they may not be exploring as much as we think. A lot of times, I they will spend minimal amount of time on something so that they can say they did it.

News Reporters- “Gass didn’t just invent a safer saw table, he has been driving behind its adoption over the past two decades.” This is an evaluative claim. The reporter evaluated her information and observed and figured out that Gass had been pushing for a change for a very long time.




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