Safer Saws–Daphneblake

  1. Manufacturers: ‘Well it’s a lot like a touch lamp.” Gass is explaining how the system for his sawstops picking up on human skin is similar to that same process of a touch lamp. This is a categorical claim because Gass is putting his saw invention in the same category as touch lamps. This claim makes sense because Gass is trying to give potential buyers another perspective to compare it to.
  2. Customers: “I haven’t had an injury in 10 years.” This customer is assessing how well the sawstop works because he has not experienced an injury in the 10 years he’s had it. This is a numerical claim because of the “10 years” and it’s a reasonable review because someone looking into buying one of these want customer satisfaction that it actually works.
  3. Industry spokesperson: “I wish they would have had these earlier, I would have brought two!” This is a causal claim basically saying because of one thing, one thing would have happened. This is a reasonable observation since the price of the saw is cheap compared to the money saved from saw injuries being prevented
  4. ‘You should move toward a mandatory safety standard.” This is laying out the do’s an don’ts of trying to stay okay in the saw world. This is a proposal claim that’s reasonable because a new invention promoting safety should be safe.
  5. Injured Plaintiff: “Every year, thousands of people are hurt using table saws. This is a numerical claim and I agree with it.
  6. Personal Injury lawyers: “we consider a referral from another law firm, this is a proposal claim and makes sense.
  7. Government Officials: “In the past 9 weeks are so”. A numerical claim was made and it’s a very reasonable one.
  8. News Reporters: “New innovative technology”. I would consider this a definition claim since they’re defining it as innovative. This is reasonable because the technology has literally never been seen before so it has to be very unique.
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