Safer Straws- doorknob9

  1. Manufacturers

“Steve Gass claims that he has been driving a force between himself and other businesses willing to buy products from inventors. He tried to establish other table saw makes to license his technology.” This is a recommendation claim because Steve Gass is stating that his product is safer than any other saw products, and gives us the differences in them. His product uses a break that stops the saw immediately whereas his competitor “the Reax”, detects human flesh with an electrical charge.

2. Customers

“I haven’t had an injury in 10 years.” This is a numerical claim because he directly uses the number 10. This also lets us know the customer has positive feedback for the product because they’re letting us know they haven’t had an injury or incident in those 10 years of ownership.

3. Industry Spokespeople

“Energy has to go somewhere when it stops.” This is an informative claim because they are telling us that, very literally, the energy goes somewhere when it stops. It’s saying when the saw collapses, it’s spinning so fast that a spark shoots out and the break stops the saw, but this energy from the saw must go somewhere.

4. Consumer Safety Advocates

“I want to emphasize that the injuries resulting from the use of table saws are, in many cases, particularly gruesome.” This is a categorical claim because it is categorizing the injuries as “particularly gruesome,” or at least in many cases they are. This isn’t focused on one specific brand of table saws, however. It is referring to the broad use of table saws.

5. Injured Plaintiffs

“Manufacturures are facing lawsuits because they could have had technology like SawStop or similar mechanisms.” This is an evaluative claim because it is informing us that people who faced injuries while using table saws are suing the manufacturers due to the fact that they could have used saw-stopping technology that could have prevented their injuries.

6. Personal Injury Lawyers

“You should contact our lawyers immediately.” This is a recommendation claim because this personal injury lawyer is telling those who have faced injuries while using a table saw should hire, or at least contact them to form a lawsuit against the saws manufacturers.

7. Government Officials

“Based on the injury data obtained in the 2007 and 2008 CPSC special study, our staff’s injury cost model projected that consumers suffered approximately 67,300 medically treated blade contact injuries annually in 2007 and 2008.” This is a numerical claim because they government official is using direct numbers to prove the amount of injuries in relation to blade contact incidents. It does not do a lot of good for the manufacturers considering the government is coming directly for them and their product within this claim.

8. News Reporters

“This is a man who has faith in his creation.” This is an evaluative claim because it is letting us know what the person who created the product has to say about it, and they seem to have high regard for their work.

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