Visual Rhetoric- Wazoo

0:01 In the first second I see a near totaled Mini Van pulling into a driveway. There is also a woman watering plants. It seems to be winter time as there is no leaves on any of the trees. This could be a small middle class family’s house.

0:02-0:03 Now I see a teenage girl getting out of the car. The dents are more visible now but she seems not to care about any of the dents.

0:04-0:05 Now The woman calls the girl leia and asks her if she put another dent in the car again. This woman is probably her mother.

0:06 She responds saying, “this one, No” pointing to one of the dents. she sounds careless but her mother also is careless because she just lets this happen all the time.

0:08-10 The mother brings up the argument by asking, ” were you texting and driving again.” she says this almost like its a regular thing. She does have a concerned look on her face.

0:11 The girl responds pretty casually acting like is normal Because her whole car is wrecked.

0:12 Now I see a bulldozer ripping the front bumper off the car

0:13 Now we get a quick shot of a frightened mother.

0:14-0:19 A man opens the door texting. We hear him typing thats how we know. He then says high leia, and she responds hi dad indicating that he is her father.During the conversation both seemed to think of it as a joke and were laughing. He also says sorry about your bumper after he destroyed it.

0:20-23 we hear them both laugh and text then a a black screen with a message comes up. it says Distracted driving is NO JOKE. Also in the background noise of this is the same texting on an iPhone sound. This ad is pretty easy to conclude what they are trying to portray. It is an average family just like mine and the girl thinks its ok to drive distracted and then they show us what happens to your car when you drive distracted. This ad uses alot of sarcasm to portray their argument.

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2 Responses to Visual Rhetoric- Wazoo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Thanks for requesting feedback, Wazoo. This will give me a chance to reinforce how much detail to provide to fulfill the assignment. Keep in mind you are to accomplish two goals.
    Visual Goal: Describe the video in enough detail so that your readers can easily visualize the frame.
    Rhetorical Goal: Analyze why the director designed the visuals to be exactly as they appear.

    With that in mind, I’m going to describe the first One Second of your chosen Ad Council video. I’ve never watched this video you chose, and I won’t view it past the first second. I also haven’t read your post, so your choices won’t influence my analysis. Afterwards, we can compare notes.

    The video opens with a wide shot of a one-story home in a rural environment. The bare trees and brown lawn indicate that the time is winter. The sky is gray. Nothing is growing. Overall the scene is dreary. The house is not lavish. The landscaping could use some landscaping. The rustic wooden fence that runs around the perimeter of the front yard could be charming in the right season, but not at the moment. A wreath hangs on the outside wall near a door or window, which might be leftover Christmas decor. Nothing else indicates it’s Christmas. Of all the details that could identify a house, this one is distinguished by deliberately “country” shutters of wide-spaced boards that wouldn’t actually shutter the windows if they were hinged so are certainly just decorative–that and a really big antenna on the roof that sends a couple of messages: They’re not connected to cable. They don’t have a satellite connection to the internet.

    If this is a family home, then Mom is in the front yard using a watering can on a plant that is obviously not going to need water at this time of year. Her purpose in doing so is unclear. She’s standing alongside the driveway as a badly-battered minivan is coming onto the property. All four side panels are badly dented, the rear-view mirror is dangling uselessly, and the driver’s rear window is completely missing: most likely it was blown out by the impact of the crash. The van was not struck at 90 degrees, but shows the signs of a side-to-side collision. Until we have other evidence, we can conclude that this van sideswiped another vehicle, or a building, or was sideswiped by someone else.

    By the end of the first second of video, we can see that the rear hatch window has also been blown out by some sort of accident. Most improbably, a large tree branch hangs out of the back window as if some very large part of a very large tree somehow plunged through the back window and has not been removed. It’s definitely not a nicely trimmed Christmas tree, just a bough from a bare-limbed tree.

    Whatever is going on here, the scene is perplexing. Mom watering the dead plants while someone else is bringing home more dead lumber in a beat-up car. This is either a surreal scene that isn’t supposed to make sense, or it will be played for laughs.

    How does that compare to your Notes on the First Second of video, Wazoo?

    Replying to feedback is the best way to benefit from the class and the best strategy for grade improvement as well. Please make this a conversation.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Wazoo, I’ve looked at your Notes and see, to my dismay, that you’re reporting on the dialog. This is a VISUAL Rhetoric assignment as the assignment instructions and my repeated classroom instructions should have made clear. In your revisions, remove all references to what the characters say and to any sounds you hear. Mute the video as you watch it to keep your attention focused on what you can see. Describe it is such detail that your reader can visualize the scene without ever watching it.

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