Visual Rhetoric- NYAJ32

0:01- It appears that a girl is doing some type of math homework. You can tell because she is holding a pencil to a power with math problems on it.

0:02- It is confirmed that it is a girl doing the homework when we see her face. She seems stressed out because she is holding her head while looking at the paper.

0:06- we see a man is with her. He is most likely her dad. He may be helping with the homework or maybe he is working on his own things for work.

0:13- we see the dad pull out his phone discreetly and use the calculator. This may be so that he can help his daughter with her homework.

0:19- she noticed him on his phone so he throws it down on the table to make it seem like he wasn’t using it.

0:23- we see words pop up on the screen saying that if you live your child enough then you will relearn math.

0:25- It basically says that if you love your child then you will go to the website displayed to make sure your child is safe in the car. They use math as a way to get your attention and then guilt you into visiting their website.

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