Visual Rhetoric–nugget



The video starts out looking like it was recorded on an old camera. We see a lady standing in a doorway in a wedding gown holding white flowers.


The scene switches to a view of three women standing in front of a white arch. One women is in a suit and the other women is in a wedding dress. The two women are stood across from each other holding each others hands while the third person reads from a paper. It looks as though there is a marriage ceremony being performed.


A woman is shown smiling and shaking her head while she is holding a baby. The baby’s hand is touching her face. It seems


Four people are sitting on a couch, two women and a baby and a toddler. One woman is holding the baby on her lap while showing the baby what is assumed to be a photograph. The other woman is sitting next to the little girl reading a book to her. Both women looked genuinely happy to be spending time with the kids.


On screen text pops up “Jamie and Krista’s newborn was denied medical care.” Behind the text is a picture of the two women and a picture of a newborn baby.


On screen text says “For having two moms” Behind the text is a picture of Jamie and Krista standing next to each other and smiling.


The one woman is sitting on the couch with the two kids while the other woman is pulling a wedding dress out of a dress bag.


The little girl is shown smiling as someone is putting the wedding dress up to her to try on.


A wooden American Flag is shown leaning up against the house text comes on screen saying “Marriage is legal in all 50 states. Discrimination is still legal in 31 states.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Nugget, just a couple notes about your posting technique.
    1. Use your username in the name of the post, in this case, that’s Visual Rhetoric—nugget.
    2. Don’t use tags at all.
    3. Find and check the categories (usually 2) for your post; in this case nugget and Visual Rhetoric.
    4. Uncheck the category called “123 Uncheck this Box.”


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