Visual Rhetoric: Nina

The Coworker #That’s Harassment


A man and a women are talking. The Women is wearing an apron and is seen cutting fruits and vegetables which shows the audience that the two must work together. It seems as though they are in a restaurant alone after hours, possibly preparing for tomorrow.


The man next tot he red headed woman is seen washing glasses and cups. He also has on a apron. The audience can conclude they work in a bar area being that there are glasses of wine and a shelf full of wine and other alcoholic drinks hanging on the wall.


They both are seen laughing, the man seems to make jokes and the women joke alongside with him. He looks at her from the side and smiles as he continues to talk to her.


As they continue to speak to one another, he looks back at the woman but no longer at her face, her entire body.


The audience sees captions that read “based on a real incident”. This shows that although we cannot here what is going on, the result is that something bad between the man and the woman seen int he scene is about to occur. The caption also implies that this incident happens often. Most likely when the store or restaurant is closing.


The man is seen behind the women and is pointing towards the back area where they will no longer be seen. She seems to not pay attention to where he is pointing, but continues to laugh because she thinks he is joking.


He lifts up his sleeves and touches the hair of the woman. He looks at her and plays with her hair as she’s working.


He continues to touch her hair, then he moves closer to he and begins to whisper in her ear. She turns around slightly.

0:21 -0:24

She mouths the word “What” as it comes to a shock to her as to what he whispered in her ear. He whispers again in her ear,, but then he begin to bite her ear and touch her. This shows that he has a sort of sexual interest in his coworker. She turns around and her face shows she is concerned about his actions. She then jumps forward showing that she is scared.


The hashtag “That’s Harassment” at the end of the video, can conclude that the visuals given to the audience were to show harassment in the work area. The touching and the whispering of the man to the women displayed unprofessional act in the work force that occurs in the work field.



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3 Responses to Visual Rhetoric: Nina

  1. davidbdale says:

    I appreciate that you want Feedback, Nina, and I am dying to offer it, but you need to link me to the video so I can watch it while I read your post.

    • nina525 says:

      I have added the link to my work, thank you.

      • davidbdale says:

        Thanks, Nina. Here’s what I’m going to do. I haven’t read your post. I haven’t watched the video, and I can tell from the “screencap” that it’s one I’ve never seen. So, I’m going to do a Visual Rhetoric analysis of the first second here, and we can compare Notes, if that’s OK with you.

        The video fades up very fast out of black to a scene that is viewed through a window frame from outdoors. The vantage point shifts a bit in the first few fractions of a second to give the impression that the camera that’s recording the scene is hand-held. It’s a little peculiar to see people through a window from outside captured by a hand-held camera. Maybe even a little creepy, as if it were being filmed by a voyeur (a peeping tom) who wants to spy on what’s indoors. Whatever the motives or situation of the observer, the setup would indicate that the people inside do not know they’re being observed.

        The scene is the interior of a cozy bar where two co-workers(?) are chatting while they both do employee chores behind the bar. We know it’s a bar because of the taps before them, one of which is clearly labeled IPA. That acronym for India Pale Ale dates the video in the NOW. Only within the past few years have customers used the three letters to indicate a certain beer type. The fact that the tap says IPA instead of the name of an actual brewery is a clear indication that this is NOT a beer ad. If it were, the tap would bear the name of a recognizable brand. So, something else is being sold here.

        The walls are rough-hewn wood planks, so we may be in the country, or in a bar that has “country” aspirations. The selection of liquors behind the bartenders is sparse, so it’s not a bar that gets a lot of hard liquor customers. All the labels are turned away from the camera, so again, we’re not seeing specific brands, but the bottles are of various sizes and shapes, so we know there’s variety being served, but probably just one or two of each liquor type.

        The co-workers (it’s possible one is the owner of the establishment, but they are both working, so for now we’ll assume they both “work” at the bar) are in their late 20s or early 30s, one male, one female, both attractive enough that romance is a possibility. He’s dressed in a plaid collared but not button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up (indicating that he’s “getting down to work”), and a knit cap pulled just over his ears, which is probably just a contemporary fashion thing but could be hiding youthful balding. He shows a little hair up front, possibly red. He’s drying bar glasses with a bar towel, most likely a before-shift or after-shift chore, making sure there are plenty of clean glasses before customers arrive tomorrow or later today. She’s juicing lemons, and there is a prominent halved lime before her and a plastic container with red contents, most likely maraschino cherries.

        So. These are two co-workers prepping for a bar crowd that buys a lot of beer but a reasonable number of mixed drinks that require citrus and fruit, an above-average establishment with upscale overhead lighting fixtures and a homey brass lamp to create a comfortable atmosphere. Whether they’re prepping for today or tomorrow, they’re not serving drinks now, so they’re probably alone.

        He has just finished saying something when the camera finds them, and she immediately responds. They are having a comfortable conversation without awkward pauses. He considers thoughtfully what she has to say, and she responds immediately to his comment. These two are comfortable together. She speaks quickly and is animated, with hand gestures that indicate she wants to get her point across, but remember, we are witnessing this scene from outside a window (or perhaps through the panes of a door with glass panels) so most likely we’re not hearing what they say. Her hair is long and youthful, also, like his, perhaps red, and either this observer is prejudiced by maleness or she is a bit more attractive than he is. He’d be lucky to get her. Her outfit is casual, not provocative: a short-sleeved shirt.

        How does that compare with yours? Do you see why mine relates the details I shared?

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