All that didn’t happen until after the second tour. Brannan was in a terrible place, she says—until she talked to Danna Hughes, founder of VVW. Danna had been through much of the exact same turmoil, decades ago, and had opened a center to help get Vietnam vets benefits and educate their spouses and communities about their condition. “What choice do I have?” Brannan asks about running her own organization. “This is the only reason I am well. People care when you tell them. They just don’t know. They want to help and they want to understand, so I just have to keep going and educating.”

 In this paragraph there is analogy claim. Brannan husband Caleb because of his mental diseases because of the war mess with his wife mind too. Making her part of his illusion. Is like you leaving with the devil or enemy. They drive you crazy and pit you in a terrible situation. Brannan i this paragraph said, “Brannan was in a terrible place, she says.” In this paragraph there is also categorical claim because it shoes how PTSD turmoil people. Like it did to Donna Hughes, a founder of VVW. She has experience similar things as Brannan did. I believe this paragraph is more a factual claim then a analogy or categorical claim because behave of Donna Hughes having the same problem because of the PTSD she started a center to help Vietnam vets souses with education and conditions. Because of Donna program Brannan was better with her health and she wanted to go her own way and start her own program because as she said, “People care when you tell them” and she was feeling well. I considered this an evaluated claim because she is using something that help her to educate other people. There is some recommendation claim because you could look at this paragraph as Brannan telling us that the program does work you just have to keep going and educate yourself.  

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