Claims (Paragraph 23): Nina

“The most important way to help the family deal with things is to ensure that the veteran gets effective treatment.”

  • This is a recommendation or proposal claim. The claim is showing possible steps and precautions to a solution.

“In cases where children themselves need treatment, these VA officials recommended that parents find psychologists themselves.”

  • This is a casual claim. Psychological services are offered as a simple solution to help children control or reduce the potential of PTSD causing issues.

 This is a good time [for the VA] to make partners with the community so we can make good referrals.”

  • The is a recommendation claim. If the community aligns with the VA, together to find a solution to help those who are diagnosed or suffer from PTSD

 Or basically: “You’re on your own,” says Brannan.

  • A casual claim that explains the effect that is the community doesn’t help find ways to contribute to helping PTSD cases, being told you are on your own is the result of a non cooperative community.
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