Stone Money–Wazoo1234

Money is not Real

Money has no value. It is a piece of paper with some ink on it, thats all. No gold or silver backing. The government has installed their own system of money in which they can endlessly print off. Yet We use it for everything. The 100 dollar bill as the same exact value as a 1 dollar bill, it is just different lettering, so we believe that it is our currency. We could have any object as currency, it all depends on how much everyone agrees to value something at, and things may go up or down over time. To prove this, In the island Yap people use different currency. They use a system based on stones, no dollar bills. These stones are big and do not move. They are actually a whopping six feet tall and can weigh as much as a ton, nothing like the little 100 dollar bill that probably costs under a cent to make. The government is manipulating the people with money and how they control it so much.

On The island of yap People can trade the stone for other goods. The odd thing about this, is that the stone doesnt move. Currency here isnt about tangibles, it is just the idea that you own it, and your net worth increases. So that is the reason people could say they have stones and if everyone believe them than they will have the value of that stone. The point is that there is no exact object for money. It can be anything people believe is worthy enough to trade their items for. The housing crash is a perfect example of this. In 2008 the US housing market dropped almost 30%, the Dow J was down 777.7 points in one day. It was a crisis. People were buying houses with loans that had no value, so on paper it looked great and things were booming but one day the market crashed and everyone lost a ton of money. The main question was where did the money go? But the truth is, the money was never there. Those crap loans the banks were giving out had no value, so people bought houses they could not afford, and when the market crashed the banks came for those people and took their houses.

This was all fixed by the government. Well this may seem like a good thing, but how did they do it? The government has so much power , they were able to trick Americans buy just printing out more money and give everyone in the country free money. This completely showed me that Money isnt real and it is just that we all think its worth something its really not. When the American monetary system fails, I think people will turn to things like bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a monetary system that people randomly value and as of recent had huge success, they reached points to being worth 20,000$ for just one bitcoin. Now after a terrible crash and multiple reports of fraud because it was a pyramid scheme. They have now stabilized at around 3,000$, but if you think about it, What are dollars? The bitcoin is a virtual coin thats now being believed to be valued at 3,000 US Currency.

In the podcast you get the understanding that the banks are just circling your money. Your money is never paid to someone as it is just used to pay someone else, and its a circle. This makes me think about how I use money and where my money goes. It also makes me think how our country is in so much debt when we can basically just print out more and everyone would still value it at what its worth now. This money thing may seem confusing the more you think about it, but just understand that there really is no such thing as money.

Bitcoin may seem like a crazy currency to have because it is so unstable, but the truth is, that money in general is unstable, people are always changing how much they value things at, but the american dollar doesnt change much because it has a strong government meant to keep it stable. The federal reserve is the central bank of our country. This is were they give money out to banks and other places based on national crisis. This bank controls the value of our dollar and is made to ensure it doesnt have crazy drops like bitcoin has, but bitcoin doesnt have this, nor is it a paper back worth nothing. Bitcoin is simply the idea of currency and people have valued the currency at 3,000 USD.

Whether its stone money, bitcoin or the US dollar they are all the same. They are all used as an item to exchange for other things like houses, food and anything you can buy. Stone money explains the concept perfectly, because to us we can see that the value of that is nothing but to those people it is very different. They cherish them and that is what currency is. It can be controlled and manipulated by governments, nut if we the people dont accept it the government would be forced to make a change to the already flawed system in which the us economy runs on. People think that because the money isnt digital or untangible that it can not crash, but if we stop exchanging with it the money would cripple and probably the whole infustructure of the government, as everything is based on our money.

After reading The stone money essay , listening to the podcast and Bit coin: the new currency I have come to realize that money isnt all what we think and that it is a trick planted on the human race. This means there is no true meaning to something being valuable without people. Everything is based on how much people value it and what they value the object they are trading with such as money. Money is not real, it is just a way for our government to have control.

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