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Harsh imprisonment specifically for “petty crimes” causes voter suppression and racial injustice. Harsh sentences for possession of marijuana or even small traces of crack or heroin on clothing could land someone a sentence without parole. Becoming a felon in the United States makes you a second class citizen, you lose your right to vote, and if you appeal enough in prison, one could lose their right to due process. Ironically the people that are affected by “petty crimes” are minority groups. According to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons (FBP), “ethnic” groups such as Hispanics aren’t considered a “race” so the statistic is fabricated by the government to make a larger issue much smaller.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Is political correctness (PC) ruining the modern world?

    This is an interesting and perhaps important topic, ML, but as you’ve phrased it here, it’s not a question that can easily be researched because “ruining the modern world” cannot be quantified or verified.

    You might be able to research instances of backlash suffered by speakers or writers who violated local standards of Political Correctness. But that’s a fair distance from demonstrating that the consequences they experienced “ruined the world.”

    Harder still to prove will be that we censor ourselves for fear of saying something offensive. How could that possibly be demonstrated without access to “first drafts” of intended remarks that were scrubbed of language editors thought might be offensive or incendiary. Do you have access to such drafts? If so, PLEASE bring them to light. They would be VERY EFFECTIVE evidence of the effect of PC attitudes.

    (I’m going to to in search of something like that.)

    A simple search at Google Scholar for:
    “political correctness” and censorship
    yielded these first two results


    They make very different claims that should help you begin to frame your thinking more narrowly and specifically. One says we censor ourselves to avoid being considered insensitive. The other claims he couldn’t find much evidence that discourse was being constrained by PC concerns.

    Here’s another that insists free speech on campus is being eliminated by PC “thought police.”

    While they’re all academic sources, you’ll still need to resist the temptation to present their opinions as “facts.” But they’re a good way to start investigating what is actually true and deciding for yourself what you can prove.

    When you decide to revise this Hypothesis, please don’t start a new post. Just open this one in Edit and Update it. If you want another round of critique, just put it back into the Feedback Please category.

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