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White Folks Get Prozac

It seems counterintuitive that educated physicians with multiple patients of different races would be supplying a specific race with a newer antidepressant. Doctors are more likely to prescribe antidepressants to white patients with private health insurance than patients who are minorities and use Medicare or Medicaid. In 2008 only 4 percent of hispanics and black patients were prescribed medication to help with depression, yet 11 percent of white patients dealing with depression were treated with medication. It’s very odd that one group of people are prescribed a specific medication at twice the rate that two other groups of people are. These doctors go through years of schooling yet still can’t treat people equally and give them the care they deserve.

Apple Face Palm Bug

It seems counterintuitive that such a successful company like Apple would take so long to fix a bug that allows others to invade people’s privacy. A 14 year old in Arizona discovered that he could listen to people through their phones on a group FaceTime call without them even realizing it. His mother sent a video of the bug to Apple hoping that they’d fix it, but it took them more than a week to take down the group face time feature to fix it. After this story went viral, many people including myself are questioning Apple’s care about the privacy of their customers. On top of this mess, they haven’t responded to anything concerning the bug. Why it was so slow to get fixed, how the bug even surfaced, or if the 14 year old from Arizona will get compensated for his discovery.

Are Multivitamins Dangerous?

It seems counterintuitive that a group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition can be labeled as dangerous. Although a third of Americans take a regular dose of multivitamins, there isn’t really any evidence that points towards it making people healthier. A perfect example is the fact that Vitamin D is said to improve breast health and Vitamin B is heart healthy. A study of postmenopausal women showed multivitamins did not protect them from any of the diseases studied to be harmful.

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