Summaries- pomegranate

Apple FaceTime Bug: It seems counter-intuitive that a multi-million-dollar company could not make sure its products are safe and bug free. A company that more than half of the world is familiar with. It seems counter-intuitive that people must have to take extra precautions while using something that rightfully belongs to them. A 14- year- old boy was the founder of this problem. It’s not even like he was looking to hack into his friends’ phone. Most people wouldn’t have a burning desire to hack into their friends’ phone. When he told his mother of his discovery, she immediately told Apple. However, it took them a week to respond. Why? Their biggest fear should be a hack proving their security system to be mediocre at best. What’s so surprising is that during the group FaceTime call, before the person receiving the call even answered, the caller was able to receive full audio and video access. To work on the issue, Apple, for now, shut down group FaceTime to fix the bug. What’s also counter-intuitive is the fact that they are going to be paying hackers to find other bugs. They are contradicting themselves when they say that want a better security system yet they want to reward the people who find their bugs. What will these hackers do before they report the problem? How long will it take? Apple should be able to take this into their own hands. However, they didn’t do very well making sure everything was good the first time around.

Three Parent Baby: It seems counterintuitive that two people who want to start a family would want a third persons DNA in their child. In the UK, they will be the first people to produce a three-parent baby. The reason for this is to prevent genetic mutations that cause birth defects. What is done is the eggs defective mitochondrial DNA is replaced with healthy mitochondrial DNA. The third parent is another female donor. The genetic mutation adjustments are only passed down through female generations. This is where it becomes kind of, in my opinion, stupid. If say there is a birth defect, it could only be fixed in females? What about the boys? They just have to deal with it? This DNA is not the DNA that determines what the offspring will look like, it is the DNA that codes how cells use energy. When a certain part of the DNA is defective it can surely cause disease ranging from seizures to muscle weaknesses to a wide range of diseases. The process is technically called assisted reproduction, which is where we close to designer babies. It is to help with genetically connecting healthy children down through generations. However, it is really made for parents who really need help. Which is where it becomes okay. Because if you have to worry about the well-being of your baby before it is even born, this maybe sounds like an okay idea. What isn’t fair is that right now it seems to only be affordable for the rich. People who need this help, they maybe might not even be able to get the help they need because it is so out of their price range. This wouldn’t be my got o plan because there could be so many things that could go wrong, but I also can’t be too sure because this could be one’s only hope to making their baby healthy.

Why Are We Happy?: It seems counterintuitive for one to say that it is easy to find happiness. Happiness isn’t something to be found, it is something that is synthesized. Over the course of two million years, the human brain has tripled in mass. That does not mean that it just has tripled in size, this means that it has gained new structures. For example, the prefrontal cortex. This is important because it is an “experience stimulator.” We have the cognitive power to experience things in our heads before we actually experience them in real life. Our minds have this subconscious thing called impact bias, the tendency to overestimate the hedonic impact of future events. Many people do in fact that happiness is something that can be found, but no, not really. Happiness, like said previously is something that is synthesized. Technically, we could say in broad terms that it is the way we look at life. Anyone has the capability of being happy. Most people think we are happy when we experience natural happy, which is what we get when we get what we want. Others however feel as though you can find happiness through synthetic happiness, which is what we get when we don’t get what we want. When your ambition is bounded, we are thoughtful. When they are unbounded, we lie, cheat and hurt others. When our fear is bounded, we are thoughtful, and cautious. When our fears are unbounded, we are reckless and cowardly. We cannot find happiness, we must endure, and make our own.

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