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It seems counterintuitive that apple was completely unaware of the bug that allows everyday iphone users to spy on the recipients of their calls by just the push of a button. Apple has recently discovered a bug in their technology that allows iphone users to eavesdrop, but they were not aware of the problem until days after multiple complaints were filed. Days after the bug was discovered by an ordinary teenager and his mother, apple got word of the bug and immediately decided to disable group facetime to fix the problem. Apple has rewards for discovered bugs in their technology, but how do we know that every bug can be discovered? People may be eavesdropping in multiple ways through Apple technology, and it may never be discovered because the hackers who could potentially discover these bugs may never come forward with the information, and these little bugs cannot be tracked as easily as the facetime bug.

It seems counterintuitive that you can test the stock market through an experiment of how others view women. In attempts to see what would work in the stock market, participants were shown pictures of women and then asked to report who they thought other people would think are pretty. This is because if other people are interested, then it will work out for you in the stock market world. This was then tested again with cute animals. You could say that this theory about choosing what others will like could relate to conformity, but that is in fact the basis of making money in the stock market.

It seems counterintuitive that gun control can be compared to the dangers of a swimming pool in the backyard. Statistics have shown in the past that more children die from drowning in a swimming pool than getting shot by a gun, but that cannot count for every person in the entire nation. Guns are more accessible to those with mental illness than getting a job or getting accepted into school. Much research has shown that owning a handgun in the house for “safety” will actually hurt those in the house. Owning guns in households will actually make the chances of being hurt by a gun higher. Gun control should have laws to regulate the amount of gun purchases that people can make. There should also be more thorough background checks being utilized in order to prevent those who should not be in possession of a gun from buying these dangerous weapons.

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