Men Defining Rape:

It seems counterintuitive, that throughout history men had control within most civilizations. Dating back 1780 BC rape was property theft instead of it being a crime.

This cruel negligence of women continued and in the 13th century, it was recorded that a woman couldn’t be raped if she was “impure” and this law was in Mississippi to 1998.

Rape wasn’t a crime in the United States federally until 1929. Justice for rape and the treatment of women is still a fight today within the world.

The low standard that rape is kept at is frightening. Women aren’t getting their justice constantly every day. This isn’t due to the progressive generation coming up it’s because people aren’t willing to give up power or admit that there’s a problem that needs fixing.

Free Heroin to Battle Addiction:

It seems counterintuitive, that Canada and the rest of the world are battling addiction and decide to throw all of the addicts in jail rather than giving them legitimate health.

Vancouver is starting to giving addicts the chance to do heroin in a clean environment without fear of getting arrested. This quite counterintuitive and in hindsight doesn’t make sense.

It began with heroin alternatives which are an alternative that helps relieve addiction but for people that didn’t want to take the heroin alternative, it reportedly didn’t work. So instead they decided to make a clinic to treat the addicts and slowly lean them off of drugs instead of letting them stay out on the street risking other possible dangers.

Programs like these help keep people out of prison. Canada will end up on the right side of history with its decision to help people rather than punish them.

Apple Face Palm

It seems counterintuitive how such a huge company like Apple had such a huge security issue. This “bug” was a huge invasion of privacy. The problem took so long to get Apple’s attention which raises more questions about their legitimacy.

Apple disabled their group facetime function after 14 year old boy that lives in Arizona realize this issue and his mother immediately send a video of the hack warning the company. The apple security team didn’t response until a viral article was posted.

It took about a week for Apple to reply to this problem. This is huge step in the wrong direction for the company but of course this won’t affect them too much in the long run if this isn’t a reocurring issue

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