Extreme Parenting

It seems counter intuitive that some parents would believe that extreme strict parenting produces more successful children when science tells us that children have an innate high level of curiosity. Children have the need and desire to explore life and figure things out on their own so trying to restrict them of that curiosity and control their life is a futile strategy that will only lead to more problems for that child down the line.

A Chinese mother who is also a Yale professor believes that her strict parenting of restricting her daughters form choosing their own extracurricular activities and not allowing them to receive a grade lower than an A is helping them in the long run, but actually, it is damaging them. The effects of this kind of strict parenting might not be seen physically, but mentally, it will take a negative toll. Many parents like to enforce their own passions and beliefs on their kids but every human is different so your children might not have the same interests as the parents. They need the freedom to explore what they want to do or they will end up living a miserable life that they didn’t choose.

There’s a saying that goes, “you can lead a horse to the well, but you can’t make him drink.” This saying is a direct correlation to how parents should be with their children. Parents should definitely encourage their kids to do the right thing in life, but at the end of the day, it really is their life. The suicide rates in China are immensely high, and increasing everyday due to the fact people there are not allowed to study what they want, but are told what field to enter. The tighter you hold the leash around their neck, the farther they run when you let go.

Improve Doctor Accountability

It seems counter intuitive that we literally hand over our lives to doctors everyday, but they aren’t held responsible for medical errors that result an estimated 1 million people being harmed in the hospital every year. We all know that doctors do their best everyday to ensure the well being of their patients, but the truth of the matter is, if people aren’t held accountable for their mistakes, will they learn to not make them again?

The system we live in here in the world is that laws are made and enforced upon citizens. if laws were just made and left there, would people still follow them as strictly? In 1999 the institute of Medicine released a report suggesting a strategy to combat death due to preventable medical errors and set a goal of cutting preventable errors in half over the next five years. But today we still have the exact same issues happening and no one knows if the deaths caused by medical errors are decreasing because no one is tracking them. Literally no accountability is on the hands of doctors and nurses who make these errors everyday.

There has been talk about how to decrease deaths by medical errors but I say the only solution is to enforce a punishment to instill fear to prevent them from happening again. If someone tells you not to eat their chocolate bar in a casual tone and walk away, chances are you’ll still eat it if there is no repercussions for your action. But if someone said if you eat my chocolate bar you’ll have to pay a $20,000 fine and you’ll have jail time, you won’t want to eat it anymore. Making laws and enforcing them upon medical errors would help to decrease deaths caused by medial errors and hold those who made them responsible.

Apple’s Facetime Bug

It seems counterintuitive that Apple prevented the FBI from having access to people’s private information to research criminal activity, but they reacted so slowly to fixing a bug in their phones that allows people to spy on others without the other person’s knowledge.

On January 19th, a 14 year old boy found a bug in his apple device that allowed him to listen in on his friend through his phone without his friend knowing. Also, when the 14 year old boy’s mom reached out and let Apple know, it took them almost two weeks to respond.

When the company did respond, they only said they would be working on an update that would fix the problem, but in the meantime, it still is out in the world to be used by anyone who has an Apple iPhone.

How can the world openly trust Apple with their privacy when they didn’t even rush to fix a situation that directly impacted it?

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