Purposeful Summary- Nina

Apples “Face Palm” Bug

It seems counterintuitive that Apple is looked at as the worlds number one supply and support of phones, tablets, and even laptops, but we seem to keep running into inconsistencies with Apple produced products more and more every year. Just imagine, buying the best possible phone claimed to be produced by the best company, but your product has some hidden tricks and hacks that you are unaware of.

On January 19 of this year, a fourteen year old, Grant Thompson discovered something shocking, yet scary in his Arizona home. What was sought out to be a normal FaceTime call took a huge turn when Grant realized he can hear everything his friend was saying, before accepting the call. This “bug” or glitch allows individuals to listen in on conversation intentionally or unintentionally.

The young boys mother, Michele reached out to the Apple company explaining the news of what her child has discovered. But Apples slow response to this problem, many other Apple users were able to use this bug to foe their personal use before Apple decided to work on finding a solution to the problem

This event raises questions to the support of Apple and the support and security of customer safety. If Apple is capable of waiting a week to fix a problem like this, can the company really be trusted with not thousands, but millions of paying customers service if they continue to release products with glitches and hacks? Apples future of creating new technology could be put to the test by other phone security supporting companies.

Polio Vaccinators Assassinated

It seems counterintuitive that in Pakistan, Polio remains a huge endemic and health researchers are looking for a cure. But, the workers are being assassinated for trying to cure polio from paralyzing and killing innocent children and adults.

In Pakistan, five female polio vaccination workers were shot in a string of coordinated attacks. Many individuals have stated their dislike for polio vaccinations, including the terrorist organization the Taliban. They see it as a way for people to spy on them and organize attacks without them knowing. The Taliban, although no evidence has lead to them, could be responsible for the planned attacks against the Polio vaccinators.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has states their concerns with the rising number of Polio cases. It is ironic that Polio is killing and paralyzing men, women, and children, but organizations are fearful of polio vaccinations being distributed through out the country.

This event highlights three different approaches. On one side, we have the nurses and vaccinators wanting to eradicate the disease and give possible solutions and vaccinations to Pakistani citizens via Polio drives. Then, on the contrary, you have those who disagree with vaccination and fear it would make things a lot worse. Lastly you have the terrorist organizations (Taliban) who are cautious and assume the Polio drives are just another tactic to spy and seek information from them, such as the fake Hepatitis campaign used to locate Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

Child Euthanasia

It seems counterintuitive that we do not want to see our young children suffer from incurable or painful diseases, but laws are in process of lowering the age requirement for child euthanasia. Departing from a child due to an unfortunate medical reason is one of the hardest things on the planet to adjust to. But, also watching child suffer can lead to the choice of euthanasia.

In Belgium, the Senate has votes (50-17) to decrease the age on the child euthanasia laws for children with disabilities and suffering from incurable diseases. Yet another vote was taken by the Senate (13-4) to stretch euthanasia to adults with dementia. Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium since 2002, and since 2011 over 1,400 cases has increased going into 2012.

As expected, there is an alarming amount of people in Belgium that will not accept this change in law without further research. Individuals such as Tom Mortier, who argues that we should contribute to finding a cure and continuing research for these incurable diseases rather than strengthening child euthanasia laws.

The leaders in Belgium’s Christian, Muslim, and Jewish organizations strongly oppose the minimizing of age for child euthanasia in Belgium. The community has even highlighted on the fact that euthanasia has been used as a tool to help those who suffer from depression to protect them from physical and psychological stress.

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