Sources 6-10 — Cassie Hoffman

  • “Is Facebook Making us Lonely?” – article in The Atlantic
     This article discusses how technology has changed our lives drastically when it comes to connecting with others. The author explains that we now live in a world where it is impossible to fall out of contact with a single person for even a fraction of a second. But he also says that this constant connection is a reason why so many people have actually become even more introverted — by having a world where one is constantly connected to others virtually, it makes the desire for face to face interaction with others less necessary.
    How I Intend to Use It: It may not be entirely relevant to the general topic of Facebook invading our privacy, but it still serves as a good reference for understanding why Facebook has become as popular as it is.
  • Can Facebook Get Teachers Fired?
    Background: This article discusses how a Missouri public schoolteacher is trying to stop new state legislature that will limit how teachers can connect with their students on social networks, saying that it is unconstitutional and violates the protection of their first amendment rights.
    How I Intend to Use It: This source could be a good supporting source for my “Fired Over Facebook” source which explains how the rights of employees who are fired for questionable activity on their Facebook pages is unconstitutional.
  • Fired Over Facebook
    Background: This article gives details of two different cases in which a teacher and an EMT were both fired from their jobs for comments seen on their Facebook pages by their employers. In both cases, they ended up being reinstated, and the company that the EMT worked for was forced to restructure their social networking policies.
    How I Intend to Use It: This will be a strong basis for my Causal Essay, showing the cause and effect of Facebook comments being made and a job termination resulting.
  • Facebook for Snoopers
    Background: This article exposes the national data processing system that Britain currently has set in place that monitors all activity on phones and computers and even films street corners throughout London. The system is said to be for security purposes only, set in place after bombings took place in London.
    How I Intend to Use It: This article will be useful in showing the potential threat of privacy invasion that is essentially going to make its way to the United States with the introduction of the Utah Data Center.
  • Frequent Users Less Wary of Facebook
    Background: This article discusses a study that was done that showed that people who use Facebook and other social media sites more often are less concerned about what information others may be able to see.
    How I Intend to Use It: This will be a good counterargument to show that the concept of privacy is really dependent on how each person views it.
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    Thank you for posting this, Cassie.

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