Stand Your Ground – Jon Otero

Stand Your Ground is a law allowing a person to kill another in self-defense, leaving a doorway to cultural violence. Under this “shoot first” law, anyone can engage in violent behavior with a license to kill with self defense as its justification. Guns will become the resolution of everyday conflicts such as road rage, neighborly disputes, and suspicion of other races. Now that the “self defense” excuse can be used easily, the frequency of killings will increase just as the number of  “justifiable” killings in Florida has tripled since the Stand Your Ground law was passed in 2005. The prevalence of “street justice” will rise as vigilantes trample the rights of the weaponless.

If more laws of this nature are passed, everyone’s safety will be compromised by their neighbors packing heat. The consequences will include more armed citizens as well as more shot ones. Laws like Stand Your Ground create more trouble than they’re worth. Their repeal will reflect America’s respect for its citizens rather than the criminals so eager to resolve issues by deadly force

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1 Response to Stand Your Ground – Jon Otero

  1. davidbdale says:

    You didn’t just correct the errors here, Jon; you made massive improvements in clarity, style, and persuasiveness.

    It’s so good I think you won’t object if I tweak just a bit to urge you toward even more careful and effective word choices.

    If the first sentence said: Stand Your Ground, a law that allows a person to kill another in self-defense, opens a doorway to cultural violence?

    If the last sentence said: Their repeal will prove America’s respect for its citizens rather than for criminals eager to resolve issues with deadly force?

    You don’t need to change a thing, in these sentences or others, to clear this assignment, but if you do make further revisions, let me know. I’d like to see them.

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