Stand Your Ground With Caution – Tikeena Sturdivant

Stand Your Ground is a new law that implies that citizens can kill anyone who they feel is a threat and claim that it was self-defense. This “shoot first” law can create a culture of violence. Under these types of laws, [you’ve only named one type] someone [someone is singular . . . ] may take advantage of the opportunity they [ . . . but they is plural] have to shoot freely and claim self defense[needs a comma] [you hyphenated this the first time] which will increase violent behavior. Citizens have every day [this is one word when used as an adjective] conflicts now, like road rage, neighborly disputes, and suspicion of other races. As a result, they’re now a loud [you mean allowed]to resolve its [its?] with guns. This Stand Your Ground law is definitely going to lead to more killing because now its [here you mean it’s for it is]easy to use the self-defense excuse. I believe these laws will increase the number of murders because in Florida “justifiable” killings have tripled since the Stand Your Ground law passed in 2005. [Murders will increase because they’ve tripled in Florida? Or you believe they’ll increase? “Because killings have tripled elsewhere, I believe they’ll increase everywhere.”] When a person is a loud [allowed] to take the law into his or her own hands, the people’s rights often get trampled. My rights come first if I have a gun, [;] the person who I feel is a threat is out of luck. One consequence of these laws will be more “street justice.”

People are less safe when they’re not sure if their neighbor is packing heat; who’s to say harmless citizen[s] will not be hurt? There are already a great number of [more] murders than ever before, and it’s only going to get worse if a great number [more] of these laws are passed. Innocent people are more than likely to get shot because of this law. Stand Your Ground is a law that creates more trouble than it is meant to [how much trouble is it meant to create?]. Repealing it will determine whether we respect our citizens’ lives or the criminals’ lives.

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