Stand Your Ground –Aime LonsdorfD

Stand Your Ground, a shoot first law passed in 2005, legalizes homicide in self-defense and has created a culture of violence. Under shoot first laws, a person can engage in violent behavior and declare it self defense; it is a justification to kill. Theoretically, when men and women have everyday conflicts such as road rage, the law allows them to resolve it with guns. There is no doubt that the law will lead to more killing and the promotion of violence because it is to easy to use self-defense as an excuse. For example, in Florida, justifiable killings, murders made based upon self defense, have tripled since Stand Your Ground was passed; it is highly probable that, in the future, these statistics will occur in various states. The law enables people to take the law into their own hands, endangering other people in society. Stand Your Ground will lead to the promotion of self interest and street violence.

This law affects everyone; no one is safe when he or she is not sure whether their neighbor might have a gun. Stand Your Ground has the potential to allow men and women to wrongfully claim they were in need of self defense, creating wide spread fear throughout various communities. If similar laws are passed in the future, this insecurity will only spread, creating a constant state of fear, putting innocent people in harm’s way. Shoot first laws create more trouble than they are worth. Whether or not we repeal the law will determine whether the government respects the lives of everyday citizens or not.

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