Sources 11-15 – Marty Bell

11. Steroids Health Benefits

Summary: This article tells about some of the health benefits that come from steroids. It talks about how the use of steroids will benefit men that suffer from low testosterone. This will help increase their fertility, reduce baldness, and increase muscle mass. It also helps increase estrogen which has been proven to reduce the risk for cancer and heart disease.

How I intend to Use: I will use this article to help show that steroids are not as bad as some people believe. Most people believe steroids are extremely harmful and have no benefits other than muscle growth. This will help show the reader that there is more benefits to taking steroids than just gaining muscle mass.

12. National Institute on Drug Abuse

Summary: This article provides facts anabolic steroids. It takes about how they affect you and how they are abused. It also talks about how they have the potential to be addictive.

How I intend to Use: I can use this article to provide more facts on steroids. It could be useful to provide some known facts to some parts of the paper that have opinions.

13. Anabolic Steroids in Sports

Summary: This is an article on anabolic steroids. It talks about what exactly they are. It also talks about how they work. Then, it tells you why athletes use anabolic steroids. Finally, it provides some of the side effects.

How I intend to Use: This article could be helpful in numerous different areas. It will help me explain to the reader how the steroids work so they get an understanding. I could also use it to provide some side effects. Having some information on why athletes use steroids will be helpful for giving reasons for why it should be legal.

14. The Myths and Dangers of Anabolic Steroid Usage

Summary: This article is about some of the myths that are associated with anabolic steroid usage. It states the myth and then describes why it is not true.

How I intend to Use: It will be helpful to provide some of the misconceptions about steroids to show to the reader that not all the things you have heard about steroids are true. It could help me sway some readers that are completely against steroids to be more lenient.

15. Should We Accept Steroid Use in Sports?

Summary: This article talks about whether steroids should be legalized in sports. It talks about a debate between three experts arguing in favor and three arguing against. It shows that a vote before the debate had 18% of the audience members supported the motion, 63% opposed, and 19%  were undecided. It then shows that after the debate 37% supported the motion, 59% opposed, and 4% remained undecided.

How I intend to Use: I can use this article to show that the debate whether or not anabolic steroids should be allowed in sports is a very relevant topic. Showing how after the debate more of the audience voted for steroids being legalized will provide the reader with evidence that there is a strong argument for legalization. The fact that the debate caused some to switch from against it to for it proves that debaters had a persuasive case.

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1 Response to Sources 11-15 – Marty Bell

  1. davidbdale says:

    In general, there’s too much “talks about” and “tells about” writing here, Marty. Such language only identifies the topic, not the point of view of the article or essay. If it’s truly objective, you can say it provides just factual data or research results. But even in such cases, the authors very often provide a summary or make conclusions. Be sure to tell readers what argument value the sources provide, not merely what they “talk about.”

    Also, this should be a collection of all 15 of your best sources. It will serve as the one location for everyone to see your Annotated Bibliography.

    Revise for improved grade if you wish.
    Grade recorded.

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