Sources 11-15 – Dale Hamstra

Case Study of Auditory Navigation

Background: An experiment done in Helsinki Finland where people were sent to walk in a virtual environment and given auditory clues. The participants were told to find the source of the noise.

How I will use it: This is the closest study I could fine to the one I am doing. I am going to use it to support my own findings, since they found very similar results.

Science is Beautiful: Walking in a Straight Line

Background: Gives more insight into the theories of why we can’t walk in a straight line. Also has a picture of the paths taken by the original participants in Jan Souman’s study.

How I will use it: I will use the examples it gives of when something like this happens in movies, but we never really notice or think about it. Also, I would like to put the picture in my essay, to give the reader a clearer idea.

Homing Pigeons

Background: Article about how homing pigeons find their way home from distant unfamiliar locations.

How I will use it: I will compare the possible techniques used by the homing pigeons to those used by humans

Auditory Navigation Performance is Affected by Waypoint Capture Radius

Background: An experiment done to test an auditory navigation system for the blind. It was found that the farther away someone is to the cue the less accurate they are in finding it.

How I will use it: I believe this is why, in my experiment, Everyone walked in a curved line when walking toward the aural cue. I will try to draw  a direct correlation with the help of this paper.

Walking Straight Into Circles

Background: Gives more detailed information about Jan Souman’s experiment. Has graphs, and pictures that make it more easily understood.

How I will use it: I will use it to help me explain the topic more thoroughly.

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