Sources 11-15 – Ally Hodgson

11. The Legal Jam

Background: This is an article about the court case that made marijuana legal for medicinal use in California. It also looks into the Supreme Court Case that stemmed from this.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this source to explain more about the medical use about marijuana.

12. Give Pot a Chance

Background: This is about the medicinal use of marijuana and opposition to the law making it legal medicinally.

How I Plan on Using it: I will use the opposition arguments to work some more rebuttals into my essay.

13. Self-administration behavior is maintained by the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana in squirrel monkeys

Background: This source is an experiment on how squirrel monkeys behaved when they were given the chance to self-administer the psychoactive drug in marijuana.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan to use this study to look into the monkey’s behavior and see if I think humans would act similarly.

14. Cannabis for migraine treatment: the once and future prescription? An historical and scientific review

Background: This is a study about marijuana’s use in treating migraines.

How I Plan on Using It:  I plan to use this to show marijuana has a medical use.

15. Reefer Madness: Legal & Moral Issues Surrounding the Medical Prescription of Marijuana

Background: This article is explaining why marijuana is not federally legal by showing some issues surrounding the prescription laws.

How I Plan to Use It: I plan on using this article to explain why marijuana isn’t legal.

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