Sources 11-15- Brett Lang

11. Ephedra Side Effects

Background: The site talks a little bit about the history of Ephedra, and its past uses and origin. It also goes on to talk about the side effects of the product.

How I intend to use: This site will give me more information on the side effects of Ephedra on people. It will also give me some more history on the product along with past uses in Chinese tradition. It can show a more useful way of the product that it has been used for and why its side effects are too dangerous to be in a dietary supplement.

12.Metabolife 356: Diet pill or Death Wish?

Background: This website gives information on the Metabolife 356 product. It also gives information on its safety and the claims and evidence that the Metabolife 356 company presents for its product.

Intend to use: I intend to use this information to use as basis for claims made by the company and to show the safety problems with this product. I can also use it to compare the claims made by the company to the regulations set for dietary supplements.

13. Dietary Supplements

Background: This website gives some more information on the regulations of dietary supplements and more information on the supplements.

Intend to use: This site can be used to give more sustenance to my rules and regulations I have found out about. It can also be used for more information on dietary supplements.

14. Ephedra legal?

Background: This site tells you that Ephedra is not completely banned by the FDA just a certain type of Ephedra called Ephedra- Sinica.

How intend to use: This site gives more information on the banning of the Ephedra and the specific type, so that I can give a more exact classification of the banned product. I can also use it to explain why this type is banned and not the other one.

15. Ephedra- Sinica

Background: This site gives information and background about the Ephedra sinica product. It goes on to talk about this exact type of the Ephedra.

Intend to use: I can use this information to further explain on this exact type of Ephedra that is banned. I can give background information on it, and give a better description of why this type has been banned. It will help me explain the banning of the Ephedra better, along with giving me more information on the product than I had.

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