Sources 11-15 – Joe Mleczko

11. To Enroll More Minority Students, Colleges Work Around the Courts

Background: This New York Times article covers the recent abolition of using race as a means of determining acceptance to college in California. It also provides an alternate way to increase diversity, without the use of affirmative action policies.

How I Intend to Use it: While I actually used this article in my rebuttal essay, I find it helpful in any other essay to be written about the abolition of affirmative action. Examples are provided on different systems used where affirmative action no longer exists, but diversity does.

12. California: Affirmative Action Ban Upheld

Background: While short, this article is an update on my 11th source. After the ruling was made to ban affirmative action from California public school admissions, those in favor of affirmative action tried to have the decision reversed. A federal appeals court denied this motion.

How I Intend to Use it: In order to substantiate my beliefs, it helps to have people in the federal judicial system that agree with what I advocate. The idea of abolishing affirmative action is definitely gaining momentum, and this example helps prove that it is happening at high levels in the hierarchy of the country, which is crucial for action.

13. Is Race Neutrality a Fallacy? A Comparison of the U.S. and French Models of Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Background: This source dissects the United States’ and French forms of affirmative action. While the United States uses race, France uses economics standing to determine federal assistance.

How I Intend to Use it: By now, I have a good arsenal of sources for and against the abolition of affirmative action. I like this source because the French way can be used as an alternative to help those in need, AND is not restricted to racial boundaries. To me this makes the most sense, so if I can throw in a proposal other than abolishing affirmative action, this is what it will be.

14. The Promise of Brown: Desegregation, Affirmative Action, and the Struggle for Racial Equality

Background: This is a written account of a witness to the Civil Rights Movement and the birth of Affirmative action. Historical accounts of events surrounding the CRM are highlighted, bringing emphasis to the need for affirmative action during the time it was created.

How I Intend to Use it: I feel I have not given affirmative action enough credit for the time it was created. Clearly I no longer agree with it, but for the Civil Rights Movement, I respect its power and intensions more than it may seem in my essays. With the use of historical accounts of racism, and how affirmative action was needed (for the time) I hope to praise its nobility, but also bring light to the negative repercussions that came as a result of not ending it years ago.

15. Diversity by Any Other Name: Are There Viable Alternatives to Affirmative Action in Higher Education?

Background: The author of this article addresses the possibilities of creating alternative programs to affirmative action that address integration and diversity differently than affirmative action. Her conclusion is that alternative programs do not adequately address the obstacles for minority students.

How I Intend to Use it: While my rebuttal essay is already written, another small rebuttal may be of use to me in the essays to come. I think this is an excellent source to refute because, as I explain in my rebuttal essay, it has been proven that diversity can be maintained without affirmative action, to the same degree as when it is present.

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