Rebuttal Essay – Tikeena Sturdivant

Due to labor issues in the NFL, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson expressed his frustrations while doing an interview for Yahoo Sports. Peterson made a comment that started more commotion than it was meant to cause. By comparing the professional sport of football to slavery rubbed some people in the wrong way. I may admit the comment was a little over the top, however, he  definitely have a point. The people that were offended by Adrian Peterson’s comment should have analyzed what he said instead of criticizing it.

Its clear that he wants to be forgiven for his comment , its a good thing that he was able to admit that he was wrong. However, its still an issue which he don’t understand. Yes, he could have used a better choice of words but why not except his apologize and let him explain himself some more. Maybe if he had the opportunity to actually go into details about what he meant people would have understood. Everyone seems to be stuck on the fact that a slave will never make a million dollars which is true, but, maybe that’s when they should realize its deeper then that.

Hearing the comment for the first time can be shocking and quite disturbing. I immediately just assumed that he could not compare the life of a NFL player to a slave, as anyone would. After doing research and analyzing different things my opinion has changed. Adrian Peterson has a right to feel the way he feels towards the NFL and the poor labor habits the players have to experience. The fans are on the outside looking in neglecting how football players actually feel. Some of the players might feel the same way Adrian Peterson does, whereas others strongly disagree with him.

“I have to totally disagree with Adrian Peterson’s comparison to this situation being Modern day slavery..false.. Their is unfortunately actually still slavery existing in our world.. Literal modern day slavery… That was a very misinformed statement,”Ryan Grant posted on a social network called twitter. I don’t think Grant took any time to try and relate the NFL to slavery. Ryan Grant started playing football in 2005 for the New York Giants and now he plays for the Green Bay Packers. He have had 2 years more experience than Adrian Peterson has had. Adrian Peterson started playing for the Minnesota Vikings in 2007.

Why doesn’t Ryan Grant feel the same? Is he caught up in the amount of money he’s making? Or was it because the Green Bay Packers could actually benefit from the NFL lockout? Ryan Grant and a few other players from Green Bay had time to heal from all medical injuries and issues. They used this time that frustrated other NFL players to build their team back up and get their star players up and running. After recovering these players had the opportunity to renegotiate their contract. If you were Ryan Grant would you complain?

Adrian Peterson was given the opportunity to speak his mind and say how he felt, which he did. His comment was not said to offend anyone or to be funny. “He’s soft-spoken but if he has something on his mind he’ll speak it. But I think nobody should really look at those words and take them out of context,” says Adrian Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra. I agree with Dogra, i don’t believe people should automatically look at Adrian Peterson differently and not at least try to understand.

“Anyone with knowledege of the slave trade and the NFL could say that these two parallel eachother. If you look back and disect what I said, I didnt say that the NFL was slavery, I said that they parallel each other.” Rashard Mendenhall posted this on a social network for the world to see so things could be clear. I knew nothing about the NFL or slave trade before reading Adrian Peterson’s comment. Once I was able to educate myself, i was able to compare the two and see that Adrian Peterson was actually right. Its not like he stood by himself thinking the way he thought. I’m more than sure more NFL players feel the same way, Adrian Peterson just had to be the one to speak up.

“Learn to LISTEN before you pass judgement. Because speaking without knowledge of subject is truly ignorant,” says Mendenall. He is exactly right, people are so quick to judge. Adrian Peterson took many angry comment and low lows because of his comment. People called him ignorant for making the comment, however, they’re the ones who are ignorant. You can not speak on something u know nothing about. Adrian Peterson was speaking his mind, everyone does it!

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1 Response to Rebuttal Essay – Tikeena Sturdivant

  1. davidbdale says:

    In P1 you tell us that Peterson didn’t want to make trouble and that he had a point, but you don’t tell us what he hoped to accomplish or what his point was.

    In P2 you tell us that he apologized and that he had details to share that would explain a deeper issue and help people understand, but you don’t share any of the details with us.

    In P3 you tell acknowledge that the comment is shocking but insist he has a right to feel the way he does, but you don’t tell us how he feels or why he has the right.

    In P4 you tell us what Ryan Grant says and that he’s an experienced player.

    In P5 you attack the credibility of Grant, which does nothing to explain Peterson’s remark or the reasons for it.

    In P6 you apologize for Peterson without explaining what made him speak so bluntly.

    In P7 you quote Peterson but make it look as if you’re quoting Mendenall. Then you defend Peterson for speaking the truth and claim other players must agree.

    In P8 you quote Mendenall again to support your claim that Peterson was right.

    Very little of this qualifies as rebuttal, Tikeena. You haven’t said why others object or what they counterclaim, so in effect you’re trying to refute that they felt offended and shocked by his comment. I don’t see how you can ever win the argument that: you shouldn’t be offended by what others say. You’d be better off analyzing what Peterson meant by the comparison if you can. If you can explain that he intended a constructive analogy but was misinterpreted or taken out of context, you’d be in a much stronger position than you are here.

    Grade recorded.

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