Stand Your Ground — Jon Gonzoph

The law Stand Your Ground allows a person to kill someone in self-defense. This law encourages a “culture of violence.” Under this law and others like it, people are allowed to shoot first and never ask questions, giving them the equivalent of a “license to kill.” Citizens can now resolve everyday conflicts like road rage and neighborly disputes with their guns instead of their words. It is certainly going to lead to even more unpunished killing when these lunatics escape punishment by using a self-defense excuse. In Florida alone, so-called “justified killings” have tripled since the passing of this law in 2005. When people are allowed to take the law into their own hands, they will naturally believe that they are superior simply because they have the power to enforce their will.

Those who think it will not affect them are dead wrong–and might end up that way literally. Gun ownership is already on the rise, and the passage of these laws nearly mandates that everyone carry a gun for self-defense. Innocents will be killed because some deranged people believes that their genders, races, or even clothing makes them a threat. Compare the killing of an innocent seventeen-year-old in Florida, apparently for the crime of wearing a hoodie, to the deaths by stoning of 90 teenagers in Iraq for wearing clothing emblazoned with skulls and other imagery the “moral police” believed was a danger to society. Stand Your Ground creates more problems than it solves and puts the rights of criminals over citizens’ lives.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Very nice, Jon! Your version is much more persuasive than the original. With the exception of an accidental apostrophe in self’-defense and what looks like an affectation more than an error in “near mandates,” I think there are only two errors here, one of them of your making. Find and fix them when you can. I’ll consider the assignment complete when it’s error-free.

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