Sources 6-10 – Bill Brooks

Sources 6-10

6. Derivation, propagation and controlled differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in suspension.

This article provides information on how stem cells are obtained from the embryo and also the methods by which they are utilized.  It also gives a lot of useful information on the process that embryonic cells take to release their full potential.

How I intend to use it: I will use this article to depict the science behind stem cells in order to give the reader a better background of the techniques used in this field.

7. Photographic Framing in the Stem Cell Debate

This article views the stem cell debate in moral and political terms.  By using eye tracking software in addition to polls and surveys this article breaks down the political issues and how a politician is able to sway public opinion in his favor by altering the wording

How I intend to use it: I will use this article to show how unjust the political world can be, and how a lifesaving science fell victim to the political machine.  I can use this article to move away from the scientific side of things in order to address the reasons why it is illegal and why public opinion remains the way it does.

8. National risk signatures and human embryonic stem cell research in mainland China

Although this article is based around the practices in mainland China, there is a lot of useful information that can pertain to any country.  This article breaks down the risks associated with this type of stem cell research from moral to physical and everything in between.  It also touches on bioethics which asks the question “should this be done?” as opposed to just asking how it is done.

How I intend to use this:  This article will be crucial when describing the risks of using this technology versus not using it.  For example, there is a section in this article dedicated to the risks associated with falling behind in the medical community if a country does not utilize all available technologies and practices.

9. Beyond the ‘Embryo Question’

This focus of this article is on the bioethics of stem cell research and more importantly on the ethical issues concerning the donation of human tissues for use in research.  It also has a subsection about the “value and waste” in tissue donation.

How I intend to use it: this article will be very useful in determining and examining the ethics surrounding stem cell research without the aspect of politics.  Examining ethics and politics separately will ensure no bias is placed on the information.

10. Biology. Eighth ed. Boston: Benjamin Cummings, 2011.

I will use specific sections of this biology book to describe different aspects of cell development, gestation periods, and the embryo itself.  The information in the book will help me to address the scientific side of stem cell research but also the moral and political aspect as well.

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