Stand Your Ground – Marty Bell

The law called Stand Your Ground says anyone can kill someone in self-defense. This law may create a culture of violence. Under “shoot first” laws like this, anyone can engage in violent behavior in the name of self-defense and basically have a license to kill. When citizens have everyday conflicts, like road rage, neighborly disputes, and suspicion of other races, they’re allowed to resolve the conflict with guns. The “self-defense” excuse will lead to more killings. These laws will increase the number of murders. The number of “justifiable” killings in Florida has tripled since Stand Your Ground passed in 2005. When people can take the law into their own hands, the peoples’ rights often get trampled. My rights come first and if I have a gun you’re out of luck. One consequence of these laws will be more “street justice.”

And don’t think it won’t affect you; people are less safe when they’re not sure whether their neighbor is packing heat. There’s already more gun possession than ever before, and it’s only going to get worse if these laws continue to gets passed. With these laws, innocent people are nearly certainly likely to get shot. In short, Stand Your Ground creates more trouble than it’s worth.

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2 Responses to Stand Your Ground – Marty Bell

  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve done some really good work here, Marty. Most of the changes you made are good ones. You’ve left ten true errors behind so far, and a couple of style points that should be changed though you wouldn’t fail for them. Keep working on this as you can. I’ll consider the assignment complete when it’s error-free.

  2. davidbdale says:

    The people’s rights often get trampled. Otherwise, nice work clearing the errors.
    Zero cleared.

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