Safer Saws Part 2 Rewrite- Eddie Jahn

1. Manufactures

“A low percentage of the 30,000 annual (U.S.) table saw injuries are due to contact with the blade – most are from kickback.” This quote is taken from a website called Pro Tools Review.

This casual claim is made by the manufacturers that a large portion of table saw injuries would not be prevented by using the SawStop technology.

2. Customers

“Table saws account for a significant percentage of power tool accidents, partly because they’re so widely used. Many table saw accidents occur because users permanently remove the blade guard, splitter and anti-kickback pawls. Doing so may make using the tool more convenient, but it’s also infinitely more dangerous.” This quote is taken from Larry Okrend, Editor in Chief, HANDY Magazine.

This is an evaluation claim because many table saws owners remove safety equipment on their table saws, so the SawStop technology would be something else they would want to remove. This claim is compelling because I did not know that table saw users are taking off safety equipment on their own saws.

3. Industry Spokesperson

“To our knowledge no manufacturer is anxious to pay SawStop an 8% license fee for this technology anytime soon, especially when the manufacturing for the technology alone will increase the average price of a table saw by anywhere from $150-$200 by the time it hits the shelves.” This quote is taken again from the Pro Tools Review website.

This is a consequential claim, it is a relevant claim because the power saw industry does not want to lose sales of their tools. If the power saw industry has to put SawStop on all of their saws, money will be given to the Saw Stop industry and the technology will make the saw increase in price.

4. Consumer Safety Advocates

“Technologies exist that prevent serious injuries if a person comes in contact with the blade.” This is a quote from the National Consumer League from the website

This is a casual claim because the National Consumer League is saying that the technology to not cut your hand off exists. This claim is effective because it is acknowledging the fact that technology has evolved enough to have a saw stop when the blade comes in contact with human flesh.

5. Injured Plaintiffs

“Flesh detection and braking technology and ‘user friendly blade guard(s)’ have been available for years. The flesh detection technology stops a blade instantly when it is touched by human flesh. Wec says the technology could have prevented his 2007 injury from a Bosch miter saw.” This quote is from Ryszard Wec and it is from the website

This claim is a consequential claim, this claim is effective because Ryszard Wec is an example of someone who has been injured from a saw without the saw stopping technology. The saw manufacturers would not be sued if all saws were equipped with saw stopping technology.

6. Personal Injury Lawyers

” The Power Tool Institute, an industry group that represents Black & Decker and Bosch, said that the price of their table saws with the safety devices would ‘increase dramatically’, eliminating low-priced consumer bench-top saws, and SawStop would have an unfair market advantage.”  This is a quote from The Scmidt Lawfirm from the website

This is an evaluation claim, the claim is that the price of the saws with the safety devices would eliminate the lower priced saws. This claim is not effective because not all saws will have the SawStop technology on them, so there will always be alternative saw to buy.

7. Government Officials

“When the Commission first considered this issue in 2006, the injury statistics and disturbing natures of these life-altering, yet preventable injuries were unacceptable.” This is a quote from

Chairman Inez M. Tenenbaum from the website

This is an evaluation claim, this claim is effective because since the government should do something about the issues of life- altering yet preventable injuries. They should at least have ideas about what to do or some ideas of solutions to these injuries.

8. News Reporters

“The major tool companies have failed to put this kind of device on any of their table saws.” This quote is from Chris Arnold of NPR . Chris Arnold

This is an evaluation claim, this claim is relevant because it sounds like the major tool companies do not want to put this technology in the saws, but in reality it is too expensive.

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1 Response to Safer Saws Part 2 Rewrite- Eddie Jahn

  1. davidbdale says:

    A substantially better effort than your first, Eddie.
    Grade recorded.

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