I Wish She Hadn’t, 01

On-camera reporter Rachel Canelli, covering a Town Hall Meeting in Roebling for Calkins Media, delivered a sentence that meant either that Governor Chris Christie favors gay marriage in New Jersey or opposes it. There’s just no way to tell which is true from her report. I wish she hadn’t but she did.

The meeting, at which Governor Chris Christie got testy with a Rutgers-Camden law student over the proposed merger between Rutger-Camden and Rowan University, gave Christie ample opportunity to display both sides of his personality, charming when he’s getting his way, dismissive and arrogant when he’s not.

Addressing the Governor’s sometimes polarizing nature, Canele reported that “even though Governor Christie is personable enough to have been considered for a run for the presidency, as you saw, he has his critics. Many are not fans of his education reform or the fact that he wants a referendum to approve gay marriage.”

From that statement it would be reasonable to conclude that the governor is hoping gay marriage supporters will accomplish their goal through a referendum. In fact, though, a gay marriage bill in New Jersey was recently passed by the legislature and vetoed by the Governor. He doesn’t “want” gay marriage, and he only “wants” a referendum in the same way I might say, “If anybody’s going to make a big mistake, I want it to be you, not me.”

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