Invention of Money Rewrite- Eddie Jahn

Money is a concept that is people over look. Reading about the stone money from the small island called Yap has made me realize how interesting money is. The stone money that was used on Yap (which was called fei) ranged in diameter from one foot to twelve feet, and weighing as much as a car.  The process of buying something was keeping the fei in the same spot and everyone just knowing the ownership of the fei has changed. That reminds me a lot of the money we use in the United States such as paying with checks, Jacob Goldstein and David Kestenbaum of NPR give a very good example of this, ” If you go online to pay your electric bill, what’s really changing in the world? Some digits in your bank account get shifted around, along with some digits in the power company’s bank account.” My thoughts have changed about money by reading this story of the fei and island of Yap, because I did not know we were using the same type of transferring money. The ownership of the money is just changing if it is a fei or digits in a bank account. Another aspect of the story that I found very interesting was when the Germans came over to the island of Yap ,and marked the fei with a black painted cross showing that it was owned by the Germans until they islanders rebuilt the highways on Yap, then paid the islanders by erasing the black cross, so they got repaid their fei.

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