Proposal 5 Sources- Eddie Jahn

For my research essay I will be proving that extreme amounts of money are not needed to buy a team of all stars, brains and a deep look at statistics that would be overlooked by others are elements you would need to put together a championship team. I will be finding teams that have won the World Series that have low pay rolls and won it by having players with specific statistics that all meshed together to form a championship winning team. Baseball is a game of numbers, it is not just about hitting a ball with a bat. People do not realize all of the numbers that go into a player for a fielder it would be his on base percentage, batting average, how many error he commits, how many put outs gets. There is a lot that goes into the strategy of picking certain players to fit the positions on your starting line up. The statistics that a manager or scout will have to look into can be every stat or just one, they can be between two players and one statistic such as outfield assists can make the team choose one player over the other.

1. Moneyball : The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis.

Background: This is the story of the Oakland Athletics team and it’s manager Billy Beane, and they had collected a team of players that had specific stats they excelled in such as stolen bases and on base percentage and they had a 41 million dollar salary cap as apposed to a team like the New York Yankees who had a 125 million dollar  salary.

How I will use it:  It will be used by giving an example of a team that completed what I am trying to prove in my research article this will be a main source of mine.

2. Playoffs and Payroll Rankings

Background: This is an article talking about how teams that make the playoffs is not necessarily about your salary cap, teams with very high salary caps make the playoffs and a lot of times do not as well. The same goes for teams with the lowest salary caps this article gives examples of situations where teams all types of salary cap teams have either made or missed the playoffs.

How I will use it: I will use this by examples of teams that have made it to the playoffs with low salary caps and teams that have missed the playoffs with high salary caps.

3. New York Yankees vs. Florida Marlins

Background: In 2003 the New York Yankees and Florida Marlins played for the World Series, the Florida Marlins won it (4-2). This was an example of a team with the highest pay roll losing to a team with solid all around players with specific skills. Josh Becket, a Florida Marlins pitcher had 19 strikeouts through out the World Series. That is just one player on the team.

How I will use it: As an example of statistics that can be over looked and really be needed to win a championship like the Florida Marlins did.

4. Biggest Busts

Background: This is a blog about the biggest baseball busts who are over paid players that did not live up to the money that they were getting paid.

How I will use it: I will use this source to show how some teams waste so many millions of dollars on players that did not even help their team win a championship instead of not spending so much money and getting a player that can help you win a championship.

5. Top Players

Background: This is a website with the top 100 baseball players in the major league.

How I will use it: I will be using this website because will give me names of the top players to use in my paper and their salary types compared to other cheaper players that are picked based off of their individual statistics.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I like the range of sources and the fact that you actually identify the ways you’ll use the resources you’ve found to make particular arguments, Eddie.

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