Proposal, 5 sources-Sam Sarlo

The U.S. government continues to dump tens of billions of taxpayer dollars into the “War on Drugs” every year even while they know that current drug policies perpetuate a cycle of international violence, injustice,and organized crime.
Regimes and the Politics of National Drug Control:The Case of International Narcotics Control and US Drug Policy.
This article is from the Northeastern Political Science Assiociation. There is some information about international violence caused by drug trade and an analysis of US policy and comparison to policies of other countries.
If supply-oriented drug policy is broken, can harm reduction help fix it? Melding disciplines and methods to advance international drug-control policy.”
This article describes one of the fundamental flaws of our government’s solution to the supply-and-deman problem of drug trade. Because demand for drugs is and always will be present, someone will find a way to supply it. If people could legally obtain drugs there would be little to no demand for the foriegn drugs that fund violent criminal enterprises.
This is a report about a UN announcement that the international war on drugs has not and will never be effective, and that drugs should be legalized and regulated.
This article is from the National Review, a very conservative magazine. I haven’t had time to read the  whole thing yet as it is quite long, but the publishing of such an article supporting legalization by a super-conservative group is evidence that everyone knows the war on drugs is futile, but our government still supports it with massive funding.
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