Visual Rhetoric Argument

0:01- Setting is at a outdoor party seems like it could be a work party or some sort. A man is standing with a glass of alcohol next to a woman without alcohol. Both are smiling like they want to talk to each other

0:02-0:04- Conversation is sparked setting is still the same both are laughing she looks uncomfortable. it seems that he is drunk/buzzed.

0:05-0:07- the frame is focused on him he takes a sit of his drink and is still talking to the lady. he has a grin on his face as he takes a drink.

0:08-0:10- he is still talking making conversation last and she is seeming less interested almost confused and looking at him as he speaks and has not said anything

0:11-0:13 there is a cut screen saying “Buzzed Warning Sign… Saying Too Much Too Soon” meaning that because he is buzzed he is saying things normally someone would not having a normal conversation which means he could have said something inappropriate to the woman.

0:14-0:16- The woman walked away from the drunk man that was talking to her and a new man replaces her and looks like a friend that was coming in to give advice on what he said or did the friends has a mustache that is also a clean mustache so he seems like a clean guy.

0:17-0:19- Dialog between the two men over the incident with the woman

0:20-0:22- the buzzed man pulls his phone out while talking to his friend is the same setting looks like he is texting

0:23-0:26- The two men walk out of screen and a text appears saying “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving”.

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