Safer Saws- nj908

Manufacture: “less than a thousandth of a second” is a qualitative claim because  the manufacturer is saying that the blade will stop in that amount of time when it senses your finger and the time makes it qualitative.

Customer: since Gass never was given permission to distribute his invention in stores it was compared the the company/product “reaxx” where that product had the same gist but would not destroy itself in the act of saving somebody’s hand

Industry Spokespeople: “Energy has to go somewhere when it stops.” is an informative claim saying that the saw when collapsing is spinning at such a speed that when the spark fires and launches the safety mechanism into the blade the energy from the blade spinning has to go somewhere and it is said that energy is like a car the safety mechanism is what disperses the energy like the car frame crumpling  

Injured Plaintiffs: “I think the manufacturers should think less about cost, but more about people who are using the saws.” this is a proposal claim since the plaintiffs are proposing to the manufacturers that they should care less about the cost but instead the people using the machinery

Personal Injury Lawyers: “a little nervous.” this statement can be used because this shows hesitance in Gass using his invention instead of being confident in his work which says without telling that he is not trusting his invention 100 percent will work every time.

Steve Gass: “I don’t like doing it.” along with him saying “a little nervous” when asked how he was feeling about testing his invention he also made a proposal claim proposing that he does not like testing his invention which puts little faith into anyone looking to distribute his product.

News Reporters: “This is a man who has faith in his creation.” The proposal claim that Gass has faith in his creation is pushed here when the reporter backs him up on his invention when other actions say differently.

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