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Timestamp:  0:01

The ad starts by focusing on a man that is at his desk. The lighting in the room is slightly dim, there is light mostly coming from a lamp next to the man at the desk and from the ceiling light. There is no natural light coming into the room making it clear that this ad is taking place in the night. The man is sitting at this desk on his computer, he is most likely doing late night work for his job in his home offices. He is wearing a button-down shirt and khaki pants, with a medium-length brown hair cut, the average kind of dad haircut. He is learning forward reading something off of his computer. In the background, there is the corkboard behind the father and there are different pieces of paper on the wall. There are drawings, two photos and some papers on the board. Throw the door, there is a bike in the hallway, you can only see the seat and back wheel. This indicates that there must be a child or two that are living in the house with the dad. 

Timestamp: 0:03

The father picks his head up from the computer because he must have heard a noise upstairs. It might have been coming from one of his kids or his wife. He has a look of concern on his face and his head is tilling a little to the left. He has stopped his work internal

Timestamp: 0:04 to 0:05

After hearing some kind of noise come from upstairs. The father turns back to his computer and begins to shut the computer. He is about to get up, to check to see what that noise came from. His facial expression shows a bit of concern on his face due to the noise that was made, as he also kept his composer on what might be happening upstairs.  

Timestamp: 0:07:

After shutting his computer, he stands up and is heading out the door. But right before he leaves, he turns back around and unplugged his computer to bring it upstairs with him. The camera slowly starts to zoom into cork boards that were on the wall behind the father. The director does this to make us realize that there is something important that is on the corkboard. 

Timestamp 0:10

After the father has left, the camera is going to zoom in on the corkboard. It is zooming in on the right corner. In the right corner, there is a drawing that must have been made by one of his children. There is also another drawing on pink paper that looks a little like a monster. But the camera is focusing more on the drawing above the pink paper one. 

Timestamp 0:15:

Over the last 5 seconds, the camera is zooming closer to the large drawing above the pink paper one. The large drawing is of a large monster, that its whole body is black, with blue spikes that go down from his neck to the end of his feet. The monster also has very sharp teeth and a scary look on his face. The monster is drawn towards a bed. Something is protecting what the person drawing called Papa. The papa is drawing what looks like a lion that is scared of the monster. This must represent that when the child has a nightmare that her father will protector her from any of the bad monsters that might either be under her bed or in her closet.

Timestamp 0:16:

In the next shot, we are zoomed in shot, on a little girl that is sleeping in her bed. The little girl has long dark hair, she is sleeping on her side with her faces on her pillow. She is wearing grey pajamas with pink and blue shapes on them. The little girls look like she is under the age of 10 years old. 

Timestamp 0:19:

The camera zooms out so we can see the little girl’s whole room. The girls need twin sizes. Hse is holding a stuffed animal under her arms, it looks to be either a beard or a dog. On their sheets, there is a dinosaur over them. Some are blue, green, and reddish-orange colors. There is also a quit at the end of her bead. Behind her bed, there are blue curtains that are covering her windows. They look to be floor-length curtains. The room is fairly dark with only like coming from the hallway. There is a nightstand next to her bed. There is a lamp on it that has a white base and on the over, there is pink trim on the top and bottom of the lampshade. There is also a follower pattern on the lampshade. In the right-hand corner of the shoot, you can see two pictures that are hanging up on the wall. You can see a little of a bitten shelf that seems to be holding some of her toys and important items in it. 

Timestamp 0:20:

The camera stays as a wide shot of the room, but it slowly starts to move down towards the floor of the little girl’s room. This is leading the person watching the ad to move their eyes to the bottom of the scene to see what might be on the floor of the scene. 

Timestamp 0:22:

At this point, we can see that the father is under the little girl’s bed. He is finishing the work that he was doing downstairs on his computer. The little girl is still sleeping well and her father is doing his work. On the floor with the father, we see that there is a soccer ball that has rolled under the girl’s bed as well. 

Timestamp 0:25:

After panning down to where the father is under the bed. Four words that pop up on the screen are “Never stop being a dad”. With the phrase popping up, it ties together what the ad is supposed to be about. Even though the dad had work to do, it still means that he has to take care of his kids at the same time. Just because you are doing something else does not mean you can stop being a dad.

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