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Government officials 

“In 2015, 4,700 people in the US lost a finger or other body part to table-saw incidents. Most of those injuries didn’t have to happen, thanks to technology invented in 1999 by entrepreneur Stephen Gass.” This is a moral and numerical claim. It’s a moral claim because they stated how the injuries didn’t have to happen because we have technology for it. It’s a numerical claim because they have factual numbers of the people hurt in 2015. 


“SawStop safety system that stops blades from operating when they sense the electrical conductivity of a finger in 3/1000s of a second.” This is a quantitative claim because it is based on facts and numbers from people using their product. This helps customers really know how safe and fast the blade is when it encounters your finger. 

Consumer Safety Advocates 

“The CPSC predicts switching to the safer saw design will save society $1,500 to $4,000 per saw sold by reducing medical bills and lost work.” This claim is a causal claim because if they had a safer saw then companies would essentially be saving money because less workers would be getting hurt and having to go to the hospital. 


“10 amputations a day and thousands more injuries every year, is an unacceptable toll when a ready fix is affordable, available, and waiting” This is a numerical claim because they had statistics to the amount of amputations that happen from regular  saw blades. This is also a moral claim because they don’t want people to continue suffering when there is a safer alternative. 

Personal Injury Lawyers

“Every year, there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations.” This is a factual claim that can be supported with numbers and data if challenged. The lawyers are talking about how the saws of big manufacturers are getting recalled even though we have safer technology out and there isn’t a need for things like that. 

Industry Spokespeople 

“Wheeler felt awful about the injuries, the loss of two good workers, the $95,000 in medical bills, the doubling of his workers compensation rates. Watching SawStop in action, Wheeler thought: If only this had come along sooner.” This is a causal claim because he is saying that if he had the SawStop sooner than he wouldn’t have lost two good workers and been in $95,000 medical bills.

Consumer Safety Advocates 

“They are worried that if a new way to prevent severe injuries became widespread, they would face a wave of liability suits for accidents involving conventional saws.” This is an evaluative claim because it is arguable can be supported by lawyers.  

Consumer Safety Advocates

“Since it started making table saws in 2004, SawStop has recorded 2,000 “finger saves.” This is a numerical claim because the numbers can be supported by data and statistics. It talks about how most accidents of the SawStip result in minor cuts and a few stitches at most. 

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