0:01 This ad starts off with a very up close view of a african american in black and gold religious clothing in nature with the sun setting behind the trees in the view. Looks like the person is praying with how their hands are facing palm up. The image of the first second looks like it was taken precisely and planned. Gives the person who is praying more sentimental effects. The clothing in the video looks to be a muslim outfit with the gold designs and the length. The angle of the camera has a glare on the person which is again done purposely to create a better and more cinematic look and feel. You can assume that the director is skilled and has been filming a lot to capture the sun behind the sun directly shining on the person. Maybe he was trying to show that the sun was like God shining the light on the person who is praying.

0:02 The 2nd second shows what looks to be a caucasian man based on his hand holding a rosary which is most often used to guide catholic in prayer. We can assume that he is catholic. The rosary has brown beads with the cross at the end gold with a silver Jesus Christ. The man looks to be in nature too but it isn’t clear. The director made the background unfocused so we focused on the man in the frame. The man is wearing blue denim jeans and a light blue shirt. The camera angle is zoomed in so I can’t really see if he is on his knees praying or sitting with his hands wrapped around the rosary. I think the director did that on purpose again so we focus on the rosary rather than everything. 

0:03-0:06  The next second is a clear and focused frame of an african american praying on what looks like the edge of her bed. Appears to be in a gray room with white curtains that have blue and red designs. The camera view is also the same level as her makes it feel like you are in the room with the woman looking at her pray. She has her hands crossed, head bowed and eyes closed. She appears to have a gray sweater on. Reminds me of my mother and how she mostly likes to pray. The camera shot is very steady and focused, assuming that the director wants us to really look at the woman.

0:07-0:09  The screen went from the woman praying to a bright mustard yellow screen. Then the screen turned black and four words appeared in the same mustard yellow as the screen before. The words stated “Let’s get back to…”. I can assume that the director is about to make a change. He showed three people in individual shots in what looked like praying in three different ways and I think the director is going to switch to a bigger setting. I assume that the three people were praying solo because of Covid-19 and “Let’s get back to…” is referring to getting back to worshiping God in groups and in church or a mosque.  

0:10 The next clip shows what looks like an african american family of four; a man, two women, one looks older and one looks younger and then a little kid. They are walking in front of a First Baptist Church and have church clothings in so I can assume they are going into service. The man has an all black suit on with the mafia looking hat. The older woman has a vibrant pink dress, holding what looks like a gold purse and big hat ones that look like they used to wear in the south a lot. The child appears to be wearing a pink shirt with a blue vest and blue denim jeans and he is blocking the other woman in the frame but she also has the same big hats that most african americans would wear in the south especially to church. The frame is very wide and captures a lot such as the trees in the back. It looks like it is spring and the trees are starting to spring and get their color. The sun is out and shining which is probably intentional to show that God is the light and the way through everything. 

0:11-0:12 The next frame the camera zoomed in I can see that it is indeed a family. A father who has a goatee, a mother (who is wearing a white dress with black designs and a black and white hat) who are holding hands. Looks like a grandma holding the kid’s hand. The grandma and the kid appear to be smiling and having a conversation. The sun’s still shining on them as they appear to be walking into church.  

0:13-16 The next frame appears to be a pastor african american male holding a bible waving at people. He looks to be standing in front of a church I would assume. He has a balck suit with a white clerical collar which is what most christian pastors wear. In the 14th second he is shaking someone’s hand who is walking into the church. Looks like two families walking into the First Baptist Church. I see another woman wearing a hat that most african americans would wear in the south so I am starting to assume that they are somewhere south. The man greeting the pastor also has a hat on which is also more common down south. Everyone looks to be in good spirits having fun and happy to be walking into church. In the 15th second I see the same family of four from before greeting the pastor. The little boy is giving the pastor a high five and the grandma just looks ecstatic to be going to church.   

0:17-0:19 The 17th second shows an all black screen with another four words on it in the same mustard yellow form before. “Should I get it?” is shown on the screen. The director hasn’t quite stated what they should be getting but he wants to make it known by putting the color yellow and having the background color black, so it stands out. Then three words appear on the screen saying “Is it safe?” I can assume now that they are talking about the covid-19 vaccine and if it’s safe and if people should get it to hopefully protect themselves. The words on the screen start small and then appear as if it’s getting closer and closer to you. That seems intentional because the director wants to add a more dramatic effect on what he is showing. Then after “Is it safe?” “Should I wait?” appears next, so now I know that it is talking about the Covid-19 vaccine. The words just like the other start off small and get bigger as time goes on to make it look bigger drawing more attention to it. 

0:20-0:23 The next clip shows an african american family of 8 (6 kids 2 parents). The shot isn’t directly eye level, it’s a little lower and you can see the sun shining on everyone. On the screen in white it says “It’s up to you” and under that it says “covid-19 vaccination”. I think the director used a african american family to try and get the african american community to know that it’s their choice to get vaccinated or not. There must be a lot of african americans not wanting to get vaccines because they are unsure about what is in it and everything.  The 21st second the camera focuses more on the family and moves closer. The other seconds of the ad is showing other families all african american smiling with the sun behind them still in their church clothes happily. 

0:24-0:30 The last few seconds on this ad has a the bright mustard yellow background with back words that say “It’s up to you” under it says “Covid-19 vaccination” and says “Get the Facts” and then has a link so people can answer the questions they have. 

Video Link:

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