Visual- person345

0:01: A young boy, probably around ten years old is walking down a hallway. The hallway is dark, and the light is shining from another room. The child appears to be waking towards the light source. On his left there seems to be a picture, but we are not able to see it. This boy seems like he will be the focus of this video.

0:02: He then proceeds to semi look behind him and we get a better idea what the child looks like. From looking at his hair, it is evident that the child is of African descent.

0:03:  A young girl is shown in this shot. She appears to be laying on the floor on top of a green rug with many different designs. The girl is around the same age as the boy from the previous shot. She has long blonde hair and wearing purple socks with designs, pink pajama pants, a grey sweater with designs at the top. The little girl also appears to be playing on a phone or another device. The overall environment in this scene is bright and the opposite of what was shown with the boy.

0:05: Another child is standing on a red, metal stool looking for something in a cupboard. Inside the cupboard, there are a few shelves that are shown in the clip. On second shelf from the bottom there is a designer bad as well as a few pillows. The overall lighting is darker than the last clip and lighter than the hallway the boy was in earlier. This serves as an in between. The girl with the blond hair is the purest and as the scenes get darker in tone, so do the personalities such as the boy from the first second of the video. Light from the outside is the main light source in this frame.

0:09: In this frame, it turns out the green rug from earlier is a bed. We also see the blonde girl getting off the bed. We also see that the girl is with another child. From this angle, we do not know if the child is a boy or a girl.

0:11: We then see the boy again in this frame. He appears to be looking for something in a storage room or attic in the house. There are boxes and other items scattered throughout the room on the many shelves. The boy seems to be climbing shelves to get to a box at the topmost shelve. There is a flashlight providing light from across the room so that the boy could see in a dark room. We also get a better look at what the boy looks like from behind. He is wearing a striped shirt and jeans. At this point in the video, we do not know what the boy is looking for. Could it be something dangerous?

0:14: Here, we see the child standing on the stool again still trying to reach something in the cupboard. Now we see some objects falling out of the cupboard. From the angle the commercial is being shot in this scene, we only see that a blanket, a few books, and board games fell out. Again, it is still unclear what the girl is looking for.

0:15: The two children are seen going under the bed, but it is unknown why they are doing so. Their feet are the only things that are shown in this frame. Are they hiding from something, or are they just playing around?

0:17: In this frame, we finally can see the face of the boy in the mirror. He appears to be in a bathroom. The bathroom has a mirror and a picture hanging up next to the boy. The boy is rolling up a towel in this scene but so far it is unclear what his motive is.

0:20: The girl on the stool from earlier picks up a book from the pile that fell off the cupboard. Then she sees something and frame later, it is revealed to be gun. This is possibly the thing that she was looking for in the cupboard all along.

0:23: The two children by the bed are playing dress up. The two kids are wearing cowboy hats and there is a rifle right next to them. It is not known if the rifle is real or not. There also is a board game next to them called “Solarquest” which is a game where you explore the planets throughout the solar system.

0:24:  The boy in the scene looks up as if something bad was going to happen. The girl on the stool could have fired the gun or the two children playing could have fired that rifle.

0:26:  The screen is black here and the words “Safe gun storage safes lives.” Referencing the two guns that were visible in the commercial and into the hands of young children.

0:28: Then, on the black screen it says, “End Family Fire” and “Make Your Home Safer at”. This refers to the scenario in the commercial when the children had guns without supervision or knowledge on how to use one.

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