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Skin Disease while wrestling

How can wrestlers try to prevent skin disease? As the students in high school and college wrestle during the season they are susceptible to get skin diseases when at a wrestling match or a wrestling practice. But until they aren’t contagious they need to add lotion and wait until it heals. Since wrestling is a high contact sport it’s common to get skin diseases while wrestling because you have to take showers after wrestling and take the proper precautions. Ring worm and other skin diseases are common with wrestlers. Wrestlers can prevent skin diseases by checking their body on a daily basis after and before wrestling practice. Mats should be cleaned twice daily with disinfectant cleaner. Wrestling mats should be cleaned two or three hours before each practice or competition. No matter how you put it wrestlers are the most likely to get skin diseases because the sport is really high contact.

If you take care of your skin and then wrestle you would radically prevent the ability to get skin diseases and spread it to other wrestlers. After all, according to Young, L., Motz, V., Markey, E., Young, S., & Beaschler, R. use an disinfected on the wrestling mats before and after wrestling matches so that they prevent kids to get skin diseases. To reduce the spread of skin infections is that wrestling mats and equipment have to be cleaned on the regular. Also, cleaning the mats and the equipment helps also prevent sickness with other wrestlers. Another best practice to prevent skin disease is to having wrestlers have hand held gels and to receive annual vaccinations so that the wrestlers are less likely to get skin diseases. On the other hand, wrestlers need to help in talking part of reducing the ability to get skin diseases and to not to spread it to other wrestlers; Wrestlers are high at risk.

But skin diseases while wrestling turned out to be a different case all together: less harmful to a person but can pose a risk to other wrestlers.

Cleaning the mats before and after wrestling matches would radically reduce the number of kids getting sick and prevent others from catching skin diseases. As Mallmann, W. L.. notes this time in “HYGIENE OF WRESTLING MATS,” skin diseases are completely visible The way how to take care of wrestling mats is by using anti-bacterial to get limit the ability to get skin diseases. The wrestling mats are known to harbor organisms indicative of pathogens, disinfections should be used on the mats. Weekends offer the better time to disinfect the mats because during the week they are wrestling. On the other hand, wrestlers have to do their part as well to make sure they are helping to keep the wrestling mats clear of infection of skin or any possible disease. Even wrestling mats can be cleaned with bleach and other household cleaners that you might find that has peroxide in it. Also, mats should be cleaned two to three hours before each practice or competition. Spray the disinfectant on the wrestling mats to clean it before or after wrestling on the mat. Bleach, peroxide or rubbing alcohol will all work. For every two squirts of this on the mats, you’ll want to add one squirt of water, creating a ratio of 2:1. This is so the mat gets clean but so no disinfectant gets on the wrestlers’ skin the next time the mat is used.

Taking a shower after wrestling practice and wrestling matches will reduce the ability to get skin disease while wrestling. Whereas for skin disease while wrestling, again according to Anderson, B, a single body wipe can prevent skin diseases while wrestling. Also, is that you need to maintain the mats like for example you need to wash it down after every single wrestling practice or wrestling match because you may not know what skin conditions people may have. Getting the mat cleaned after wrestling matches and practice will reduce the ability to get skin diseases. Checking your body before wrestling matches and wrestling practices you will reduce the ability to get skin diseases. The more time it takes to take a shower than you will reduce the ability to get skin disease from wrestling. In wrestling you should remember to put on lotion to reduce other wrestlers from getting infections. Finally wrestling will be safe when wrestlers take care of their body and make sure they don’t give any other wrestlers skin disease.

Finally, there is treatment for pediatric skin disease while wrestling. Skin diseases from wrestling are common to happen because they are sweaty and in close contact with the other opponent. Also, skin diseases are treatable from wrestling you just need to go and see you dermatologist to get medicine for the skin disease. Even the skin disease is way into the tissue of your skin so its hard to get treated especially if you’ve been wrestling like every single day. On the other hand, the most common treatment for wrestling skin diseases are tropical anti-biotics such as Bactroban. Also, another common cure for wrestling skin diseases and infections is lotions and other medicines. The affected area for needs to be treated three times per day for ten days until the infection or disease is gone completely. But for larger infections an oral medication is needed to be taken to get rid of it completely. Wrestlers have a higher risk of getting skin diseases than football players, but will have to deal with the possiblility to get infections while wrestling.


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