My Hypothesis- person345

  1. Traveling
  2. Travel restrictions
  3. Travel restrictions during COVID-19
  4. The emotional and psychological impacts of travel restrictions due to COVID-19
  5. The inability to travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic destroys the flight industry and would have a negative effect on the human psyche.
  6. Travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic contribute to the destruction of the travel industry and the negative effects that inflict the human mind because of people’s inability to enjoy themselves.

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4 Responses to My Hypothesis- person345

  1. davidbdale says:

    I imagine you were dismayed to hear my reaction to the Legalize Marijuana thesis in class yesterday, Person. I remember issuing a verbal warning against the idea in an earlier class, but I should probably write a list of banned subjects into the My Hypothesis lesson.

    Anyway, if you’re married to marijuana as a topic, I wont stop you, but I will warn you that if you proceed on this particular very tired path, the odds of you succeeding with more than a C are very slim. I have never yet seen a paper about marijuana legalization that added anything new to this topic.

    The other problem with this thesis is that for a few bucks I could buy this paper from countless dingy web sources right now. The last thing I want to do with the time we have together is patrol the web for plagiarism violations. Please reconsider this choice.

    Or . . . completely shift the focus. Suppose instead of the flabby arguments about reducing crime by making everything legal, you applied original thought to the argument. Marijuana isn’t perfect. It has too many suppliers and questionable distribution networks. A “free market” for a newly-liberated product would encourage innovation and would reward product designers who could eliminate side effects or enhance the pain-relieving properties or . . . you see the point.

    I’m just riffing here, but I think I’ve made myself clear. Let’s talk about this.


  2. davidbdale says:

    We had what felt like a successful Hypothesis Conference during which Person expressed an interest in travel and we found 35,000 Google Scholar results for “travel restrictions” in less than 2 seconds. Expect there might be a new hypothesis coming in the next few days.


  3. davidbdale says:

    Well, this is new.

    Travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic contribute to the destruction of the travel industry and the negative effects that inflict the human mind because of people’s inability to enjoy themselves.

    My first reaction is that it’s a better choice than the marijuana topic.
    My second is that it sounds like two hypotheses.

    The first almost proves itself, Person. When governments more or less outlaw the basic business activity of an entire industry, the results will be devastating. Similarly, the pandemic ruined the live concert business. Research will offer numbers the confirm the extent of the damage, but that’s not going to surprise anyone.

    More intriguing is the theory that eliminating travel will thwart or damage the psychological health of people forced to quarantine, or lock down, or remain in their home countries. To prove that, you might want to consider researching the positive psychological benefits of travel. You may be able to argue, by contrast, that deprival of those benefits itself constitutes damage.

    What are you finding in your research so far?

    A Google Scholar search for “travel restrictions” “quarantine psychology” yielded just two results, but the best one discusses several other VERY recent academic studies in its Introduction. Please check it out.

    Here’s that source:

    “quarantine psychology” by itself yielded 38 results and looks like a good term to use when you’re searching:

    What else can I do to help? (This is a conversation. Replies are very much appreciated.)


  4. person345 says:

    In my research, I have found a few useful sources about the effects of staying isolated for an unknown period of time as well as the benefits that traveling can bring to someone’s life. I am having trouble finding sources that introduce new ideas about this topic. A lot of these sources are often repetitive.


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