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New thesis

Wearing mask has no potential affect on our future immune system and could potentially save you or someone you care about.By not wearing a mask it’s affecting people’s lives over 200,000 people in America have already died from covid-19.It can also end up saving the American economy which some Economist predict will save up to 1 trillion dollars by preventing the next big shut down. 

Hand washing

Wearing Mask could give Americans a false sense of security in addition to getting them infected by some bacteria even if it isn’t the covid-19 virus.  The mask only helps prevent the spread of the virus if it is worn right. not all participants who wear the mask wear it safely and or correctly which therefore could make the situation worse rather than better. The face mask has to be covering the nose and mouth completely with facial hair kept to a minimum any clean mass to prevent the spread of bacteria which could get people  sick from this virus or another one that lives on the mask. Face masks like washing your hands as a tool to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus having something implemented like this would give Americans a false sense of security well that not being the case and then still being able  to get infected by the Coronavirus even when wearing a mask. 

Mass that is supposed to protect us against the covid-19 virus  increases the chance that the common person gets an infection.  Masks are  supposed to be new  or are meant to be  thoroughly washed and cleaned  after every use but some people just keep on using the same one over and over again without cleaning.  which  could further result into getting sick  with covid or run the risk I’m having another bacteria grow inside the mask. Touching the outside of the Mask During the course of the day the buildup of bacteria close to your face in that bacteria can live on the mass for up to 12 consecutive hours which furthermore could get you unintentionally sick. Both  outcomes beat the purpose of wearing the masks in general. experts say that wearing a fabric mask for long periods of time- or for several days at a time- can allow bacteria to build up and  actually make you sick. Since people, especially United States citizens have never worn facial protection to protect them against a virus They could be endangering themselves since they don’t know the proper way to take care of a face mask and end up getting more sick or end up Contracting the virus from their mask. When people touch their mess with their hands and haven’t washed them bacteria go straight onto the  mask which makes it a prime spot for disease to spread.Sinclair says pathogens like bacteria and viruses can live on cloth fabric for longer than one may think — up to 8-12 hours.”When you wear these Mass multiple times a day you’re exposing yourself to potentially harmful bacterias unless you do clean the mask or wear a different mask. Having them do this would completely defeat the purpose of wearing masks in the first place since getting sick is what we were trying to prevent then they would still be getting sick.

Wearing masks is creating a false sense of security.  When people wear the face mask they think they’re safe from the virus Since that’s the information that’s being put out there.  Instead of a face mask I’m more of a tool to help prevent the Coronavirus and don’t actually stop the spread. Doctors and scientists have concluded that washing your hands is the best way to prevent this virus and not the  mask. “If people act as though putting on a face mask gives them like Star Trek level shields…and they’re now invulnerable to their environment, that’s never true,” Spellberg said. Which stresses the importance of the problem we face now.  face masks are only a tool to prevent the Coronavirus and wearing them well not prevent anything and could potentially lower your guard. An example  of someone who wore the mask at all times would be California’s assemblymember Miss Autumn Burke; she believes she got the covid-19 virus while still wearing her mask indoors. Having cases like these pop-up even though they wore their mask is quite concerning.  How many more like her,  get sick even though they follow all the rules.  Masks likely aren’t going to keep you a hundred percent safe if you don’t  continue washing your hands .  80% of potential viruses happen to be transmitted to the human body by your hands with this state. More importantly now we should be stressing and washing which  is effective against the virus. Having this false sense of security also could endanger the elderly especially since they’re the most vulnerable to this disease. having them thinking the  mask will completely prevent the virus may affect how they act and make them less careful and carefree when really they shouldn’t be because they are still at risk of getting the disease. 

During  this pandemic socially distancing is a term we became comfortable with. we are supposed to be 6 ft apart while you’re indoors dining or in a store.  Another unintentional consequence from wearing the mask would be people would have to get closer to each other to understand each other which therefore would break the 6ft rule and make it easier for the parties to contract the virus from one another. Wjile this is something that is hard to tackle while wearing the mask and is done probably with the best intention still increases the risk since you would have taken a closer to hear the person since you can’t. Which comes back to the point before a false sense of security and help spread the virus even though they had good intentions at first. 

Mask mandation would stop the spread of the covid-19 virus  combining  that with the fact it could unintentionally danger some Americans and leave them to contract the covid-19 virus or just another sickness by just wearing the mask. there seems to be no right answer when it comes to the covid-19 virus.  People need  to be informed on which are the best ways to protect your family and not be misinformed in any way. 

False sense of seccurity

This is first draft

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