Not Because-Hailthegreat8

  1. Coats was fired from his job for using a legal drug even though it was prescribed to him.
  2. An employer isn’t allowed to fire an individual dealing with anxiety or taking prescribed medication to help deal with it. 
  3. An employee won’t get fired for going out sometimes to have a few drinks because it’s legal in Colorado; neither is marijuana.
  4. Coats didn’t deserve to be fired. He was only trying to treat his treatment every day. 
  5. You shouldn’t discriminate against an employee because they use marijuana to help their pain. 
  6. Coats never smoked during his job hours. He did it on his hours.
  7. The secret service agents were able to stop Omar Gonzalez from infiltration the white house. 
  8. Government officials are looking into how Omar Gonzalez breached into the white house because the secret service isn’t explaining anything.
  9. Secret service chief Julia Pierson might be fired because she couldn’t do her job right.
  10. The secret service agents chose not to use deadly force against the intruder. 
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