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  1. Table Saw Injury Lawyer: Unfortunately, the manufacturers have refused to adopt it” this statement is saying that there is indeed technology out there that can prevent injuries from happening due to table saws but the manufacturers refuse to add this new feature onto newer makes of table saws. I believe this to be a moral claim as moral judgement can be used to persuade others that manufacturers should in fact adopt this new safety method regardless of the additional cost.
  2. Injured Plaintiffs: In the case of Carlos Osorio, the man who now has two unusable fingers and three fingers with no feeling due to a table saw injury was ultimately compensated for the negligence of the table saw company, One World Technologies. He was given $1.5 million in damages; this is a numerical claim as a set number was used to demonstrate exactly how much Osorio was given.
  3. Consumers: The table saws that do have the safety feature which prevent injuries to those who use it by stopping when coming in close contact to human flesh have received nothing but praise and good reviews. This can be identified as a causal claim simply for the fact that: having the table saw included with the safety feature (cause) will result in no complaints regarding injuries from those who buy it (effect).
  4. News Reporters: “If Table Saws Can Be Safer, Why Aren’t They?” is the title of an article published on the NPR website. The title alone makes a evaluative claim. News reporter, Chris Arnold, asks and judges why manufacturers haven’t added on this life-saving feature that Steve Gass invented that prevents injuries when it comes to table saws.
  5. Government Officials: In a news article titled Feds might force table-saw makers to adopt radically safer technology, the author states that the federal regulators are considering making Gass’ invention as a mandatory add on to table saws. This possible new rule proves to be a causal claim because if government officials were to set in place the requirement of Gass’ add on safety feature then as a result less injuries would arise due to the fault of table saws.
  6. Manufacturers: “You commissioners have the power to take one of the most dangerous products ever available to consumers and make it vastly safer” is what Steve Gass said at a public hearing for his new invention. He is using ethos to get people to acknowledge that his way is the right and safe way to go about regarding table saws. This is a moral claim.
  7. Safety Advocates: “The closest parallel we can find to a story like this is that of a seatbelt”. This statement is an analogy claim as it is comparing the new table saw feature which can prevent injuries to those who use table saws to that of a seatbelt which gives those in a vehicle an extra layer of protection should they get into an accident.
  8. Industry Spokesperson: The SawStop company has given the information regarding one of their products saying: “The saw weighs 79 pounds and retails for $1299”. This statement can be seen as a numerical claim as it tells us the readers the weight and cost of the product that is trying to be sold to consumers.
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