Safer Saws-ComicDub

  1. Manufacturers: SawStop is currently available…to any consumer who chooses to purchase it.” In this quote the power tool manufacturer is making the claim that the SawStop technology is available to anyone who wants it so it should not be made mandatory to incorporate it in their own table saws as well. This is a proposal claim because the manufacturer is making the proposal that SawStop is already available to those who want it, so they shouldn’t have to use it in their products too.
  2. Customers:…the safety innovations are well worth it in the shop.” In this quote, the consumer is implying that the SawStop’s finger saving safety feature is well worth paying the extra money to have in their shop. This is an evaluative claim because it uses the safety feature of the SawStop to make the evaluation that with the SawStop, they’ll be less likely to cut their finger off. This claim is effective as most people will agree that they’d rather keep their finger than save a couple hundred dollars when buying a saw.
  3. Government Officials: …will save society $1,500 to $4,000 per saw sold…” just from reduced emergency room visits and amputations from saw blades. This is a numerical claim that provides the reader with the projected medical costs that the whole of society will save per SawStop sale. Some people will see saving money for the entirety of society as a plus, while more self centered people might not care in the slightest. They might only care about how much they themselves save which would be nothing, as the price of the SawStop is more than a normal table saw. That means this claim might not be as effective for that specific group of people.
  4. New Reporters: …figured out a way to prevent just about all of those accidents.” In the quote the news reporter is claiming that Steve Gass figured out a way to prevent just about all table saw accidents with his invention of the SawStop. This is an evaluative claim as the reporter made the evaluation that the SawStop will prevent almost all table saw injuries based on the concept and testing results of the SawStop.
  5. Steve Gass: …take one of the most dangerous products ever available to consumers and make it vastly safer.” In this quote Gass is claiming that the SawStop will make the table saw, a very dangerous product, vastly safer. This is a very bold claim that can be seen as a causal claim. Gass is claiming that the SawStop will cause the table saw to become a much safer product.
  6. News Reporters:It will fail.” In this quote the news reporter is making the claim that opposition to the proposed rulemaking on table saws and SawStop in general, will fail. This is an evaluative claim that comes from the fact that the CSPC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, are the ones who proposed the rulemaking which is stated prior to this claim. The reporter uses the name of the CSPC to get the reader to make the evaluation that the claim must be true because a government agency is backing the rulemaking, so the opposition must fail. It is a simple yet effective claim that is hard to refute because of the authority of the CSPC, the reason behind this claim.
  7. Industry Spokespeople: …it’s too expensive…” In this quote, the power tool industry spokesperson is making the claim that the SawStop technology is too expensive. This can be seen as an evaluative numerical claim because the spokesperson is making the evaluation based on the prices of other table saws, that the SawStop’s price is too high. The spokesperson is basically saying that the extra cost of the SawStop is not worth saving their own finger.
  8. Personal Injury Lawyers:…injuries could have been prevented…” In this quote the Injury Lawyer is saying that had the SawStop technology been implemented sooner, many injuries could have been prevented. This can be seen as an ethical claim that puts blame on the people opposed to the SawStop for all of the injuries from table saws that the SawStop could have prevented. 
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